Nail Art Sunday: Galaxy Nails

It’s been 5 weeks since my last Nail Art post so it’s about time to get it started up again! 

Since it has been such a long time, I decided that I wanted to do something special for you guys. But with Valentine’s Day just around the corner (omg how on earth did that happen?!) I thought I better stick to regular polish and save my gel polish for Valentine’s Day.

While perusing on Pinterest, I discovered galaxy nails. They look so pretty don’t ya think?

These nail designs are as easy as they are adorable

There are loads of step by steps for this design, so I selected one that was easy to read and understand and was in English (that’s kind of important, right?)

Uñas galácticas, demasiado joselyng

So that seemed simple enough. I got started by doing my base coat and then two layers of black polish just to get a really smooth base for my galaxy. Then I set up my nail station to do the rest, thinking I should have been filming it from the start, but then I was all “naw…it’s cool. This is so easy and simple I don’t need to film it for my peeps.”



all set and ready to go


And guess what!!


Like always. Ya know…I think I need to change the title of these posts to “Nail Art Failures” because they never seem to work out the way I want them to. But maybe that’s what makes them magic? I’m not sure. But let’s take a little picture walk through my most recent disappointment, shall we?

First up: I decided to do a pink and purple and teal galaxy. I used the small end of the makeup sponge and applied two coats of the pink and purple polish.

Yeah…looking pretty gnarly at this point. Only halfway through the process. But I pushed on!

Since I had used both of the little ends I decided just to use the corner for the teal.

Not sure if you can really see this, but I took the time to “smooth” it out with the makeup sponge at this point. I think that means that you just dab the sponge over the polish again to kind of smush it around a little bit more. Maybe if I had done that after each colour it would have turned out better? I don’t know. But that still didn’t really save it. Like at this point I was kind of “oh, yeah, I guess this could possibly work for like a week…”

Then it was time for the stars. It says to use a toothpick but I used a small dotting tool. I should have used the smallest one I had which would have mimicked a toothpick much better, but ya live and ya learn folks.

Yeah…even that couldn’t save it. I tried to “smooth” it with the makeup sponge once more but it wasn’t working. I didn’t even do the other hand. I literally just looked at it and was like “um nope. You suck. You should be ashamed of yourself. Bad nail polish!” I put everything away, waited a few hours and just took the whole business off.

Such a waste of time and effort.

Tune in again in two weeks to watch me destroy a Valentine’s Day design! Possibly next week I’ll make a poll and you can all vote on which design I should attempt.

11 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Galaxy Nails

    • I’m glad I never show my face in my videos because I’m sure I look ridonkulous trying to get things to work. It’s so difficult and takes so much time lol That’s why I love gel polish because if you make a mistake its so easy to fix. Regular polish you are stuck.

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  1. That design looked really pretty but really hard, I can’t believe you even tried!? When I do a food recipe though, it usually takes me at least 3 attempts before I get it perfect, so maybe you should try again, taking on board everything you already learnt?

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