@Oofos and my toesies

It’s about time I got around to writing this! 

Straight up – I’ve been a horrible human and ruined my feet. It’s a horrible thing to do to yourself because you need your feet for everyday life. Plain and simple. I can’t be a nanny and not use my feet.

A while ago, I was introduced to the style of shoes called ballet flats. I loved them. They were pretty and fashionable, comfortable and long-lasting. I owned multiple pairs of them at any given time. Various styles and colours. I didn’t wear anything else if I could possibly manage it.

Then, I became a teacher. And I was standing on my feet all day, every day. In ballet flats. With no foot support. On concrete floors. It was a horrible choice.

Eventually, between that and working at Tim Hortons on the side, I developed plantar fasciitis and my arches started to drop. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

I would wake up in the morning and it would feel like someone had stabbed me in the heel with a knife, right through my muscle. My leg muscles would hurt up to my knee. It got so bad I could barely walk downstairs.

I went to the doctor thinking that I had somehow really damaged my feet and I was referred to a physiotherapist. He did some ultrasound therapy on the soles of my feet and gave me exercises to stretch out the muscle the runs down your leg and under your heel. I would use ice filled water bottles to roll under my feet and had to push really hard on a softball to increase my arch strength. I also had to get inserts for my shoes to give extra support. It kind of sucked for a little bit but then, after a few months, everything was so much better. The physiotherapist was surprised how quickly the symptoms were resolved.

Then I started this job last year. I am standing sometimes my entire day (6-8 hours usually) in bare feet or just wearing socks. My foot/leg pain obviously returned. THEN my good friend Paula, over at Never a Dull Bling, reviewed OOfos shoes and my interest was piqued.

Basically, this is a super long-winded way of saying that I have bought a pair and I am now wearing them. And I love them.

Over Christmas, I ordered a pair from Amazon (the OOfos website doesn’t ship to Canada but I was looking on the American site which was linked on Paula’s blog) and have been wearing them every single day since. You are supposed to gradually build up your time wearing corrective shoes but since my kidlets were gone for that first week after the holidays, I had an easy schedule. I’ve been wearing them full time since I got them.

Instantly I felt a great improvement! My heels didn’t hurt anymore, and my legs weren’t as tired at the end of the day. I wasn’t sliding on the floors as much (like on Wednesday when I was walking down the stairs in just my socks and I slipped and fell and now I have a bruise on my tush). I honestly love these shoes.

They are kind of expensive, but honestly, they are worth it. I am not being endorsed by OOfos at all, I seriously just love these shoes. However, the links below are affiliated links and clicking on them/purchasing from that link may provide me with a credit on Amazon to help enable my nail polish addiction. Feel free to be an enabler.

The shoes that I bought are slip-on shoes. They do have kind of an elevated sole in them which takes a little getting used to when walking but they are great. I can wear them with socks and in the summer I’m sure I will wear them without. They fit true to size. I usually wear between a 9.5 and a 10, and I bought the 10 and it’s perfect.

You can also get flip-flop/thong styles, or what they call a clog (looks very similar to crocs). Most styles that I see are black or navy. These aren’t going to be uberly fashionable shoes but they are comfortable and they work! Amazon does offer some styles in different colours so hunt around if you are looking for something unique.

8 thoughts on “@Oofos and my toesies

    • I think it was because they were my only source of footwear for a few solid years. Without the arch support, the arch started to drop? “Fallen arches” or something? lol I’m not sure about the correct term for it.

      And its ok! My feet are back to being well and without pain! I just have to be conscious of what I put on my feet lol make sure that I have proper support in the shoes.

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  1. My podiatrist recommended this brand to me a while back. Haven’t tried them, though. I can’t bring myself to spend the money because I don’t love the look. And I don’t *need* them… my feet are good. He just said they were good for your feet, generally speaking…

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    • Ooo thats smart! Maybe I should start wearing them at home too! I dont leave them at work. The puppy has a thing for shoes and will eat anything available to him so I cart them back and forth. I should give that a chance!

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