I don’t think you ready for this

‘Cause my body too bootylicious for you babe

When this song came out in 2001, it was my JAM! Sweet baby Jesus I looovvveed it! My friends loved it. Everyone loved it. It was played at any and all sleepovers or just random hangouts. But seriously, who doesn’t love a Destiny Child’s dance session? (if you don’t, please talk to me. Together, we can get you the help that you need)

I’m sure from reading this blog, most people can assume that I’m pretty ok with all of this *motions to my body from head to toe*. I’m not sure why, but this upsets some people. Maybe it’s because I’m a plus size girl who is totally ok with her body and shape and embraces that? That’s a societal taboo, I know. But seriously what would you rather me do? Hate myself? Please get over it.

Of course, there are times that I don’t really appreciate all of this. Mostly from my neck up. You know, having alopecia kind of sucks sometimes. But thankfully, I have my lovely wig and when I put it on, ZOOM there goes my confidence. I’ve actually thought about just shaving my head and being done with it. But I’m not there just yet. I might never be. Sometimes I wish instead of having localized alopecia I had universal alopecia (where all your hair falls out) but then I would most likely lose my eyebrows and I love them. They are white and unique and pretty awesome. And, of course, we all know how I struggle to love the hair on my face. I had to stop writing this post halfway because I had to go to a salon appointment for it. Just so you know, the pain is getting better. It still hurts like a mother but whatever. But overall, I’m actually really ok with my body and I’m comfortable with it. I’ve had 30 years to learn to love and accept it – and it took about 22 of them for it to really sink in, but once I got there I was set. And I’m not letting that go just because someone may have a problem with me loving my plus sized self. Hashtag accept and be blessed!

My confidence does shock people. Like my mom. My mom doesn’t get how I am so confident. But that’s because she was raised with this notion that you have to be skinny to be loved. I had an amazing mom who, even when she was going through another diet, never really pushed that philosophy on me. Sure I would overhear her talking to her sisters about it and how she was concerned about it, but she never really said it to me (or my brother). She still struggles with loving her outer (and inner) self so she doesn’t really understand the love that I have for my own body.

I’m actually kind of glad sometimes that I have this much confidence. One of my kidlets, the 8-year-old, is being told by her friends that she is fat. This really upsets me. I had a chat with her mom about it the other day. Just so that the mom knows what is going on at school. Her mom was really upset about it too. Because this little munchkin is so far from fat it isn’t even funny. And we don’t want her to start looking at her body and hating it.

GAH I am loving how these prompts are lining up with my real life almost perfectly. Just yesterday, I saw this picture on my Facebook and decided I needed to write a post and here I am, writing a post!


Althought I would just change where it says “fat isn’t a bad word. You are fat, I am fat.” Ummm no you HAVE fat. It’s not what you are. There is a difference. 

Be a goddess today ❤

This post is part of my 30 Days of Writing Challenge 

19 thoughts on “I don’t think you ready for this

  1. I thought the exact same thing! No, you are not fat. Fat is something we cook with. Hope your kiddie does not end up hurt beyond repair. Kids can be so cruel. I still remember a mean spirited comment here and there from childhood. That stuff lasts.

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    • Naw shes a tough cookie! We make sure to talk about body issues whenever she has them (or any of the other kids as well). Its a very open family. And I still remember things kids would say about me too so I try to make sure the kids are in a body positive house

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  2. You ARE awesome. It’s fantastic that you’re mum brought you up to be confident despite her own body anxiety issues. Throw glitter over her next time you see her (or just say thank you!)

    I find it really strange how people can be so judge-y about other people’s bodies. No-one is perfect so we should try to learn to love ourselves (and our friends) just the way we are. ❤

    p.s. Sorry i didn't comment for a while! I was super busy and then away on holiday…but it's great to come back and see you're still slaying life.

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    • Kids are very mean sometimes! Today I think I said “kindness!!” more times than anything else – including “it’s time to turn off the *insert name of electronical device*” Using kind words, kind tone of voice, kind actions lol it’s a full time job just in itself haha

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  3. My only concern ever with weight issues is what it can do to a persons health, Other than that if you hare happy in your skin then you go girl!!.
    I am glad to hear you have the self confidence to match your awesome personality.

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