The Giggling Fattie Famjam

Let me give you a little bit of information on my family. 

I already have posts written about my family, but they are all password protected since they are kind of very personal and give a lot of details. I wrote them waaaaayyy back when I first started my blog 2.5 years ago and I didn’t have any followers and didn’t even think I ever would. But I can give a little bit of background into my family here with fewer details and less personal commentary.

My family is small. Just the four of us. But I like it. (As I was typing that, I flashed back to Lilo and Stitch eeeeeepppp)


toilet ac GIF

❤ any excuse to put in Disney! 

Okies so let’s go by ages.

First up is my dad. He is the youngest of 6: 5 boys and 1 girl. He grew up in rural Ontario, worked for the government in the dairy industry inspecting plants. He knows the owners of the Chapman’s ice cream factory/dynasty/royalty personally. He was the very last person to give a lecture on some sort of pasteurization safety or whatever at his alma mater. And he’s basically the best dad ever. He was born in 1948 (yeah man!) and still holds a lot of old values – like spoiling his only daughter and the baby of the family *insert sly grin here* but he also pushed me to break out of society’s gender roles and supports me in my life choices. Except for my tattoos…he’s kind of over them. Sorry, Daddy. He’s retired now and spends his time doing woodworking (he turned their garage into a workspace) and running his own business basically doing the same thing he did for the government. He’s the last one in Ontario actually doing it and the government even contracts him to run courses for them because they don’t have anyone better.

My mom is the youngest of 6: 5 girls and 1 boy (my parents are ADORABLE!). She grew up in a different part of rural Ontario. Actually, she grew up in the town where the Chapman’s ice cream factory actually IS! See? Adorable. They met because my dad lived beside my aunt and my mom was visiting her one weekend and my cousin saw my dad and was like “and that’s our old bald neighbour!” They are only 9 years apart. They had a long distance relationship (their wedding song was “I called to say I love you” by Stevie Wonder ADORABLE) and when she got married she became a stay at home mom. She’s an awesome mom. When my brother and I were in high school, she decided to go back to school and took some classes in criminal justice. I don’t think she ever finished though. Then she worked in security for a bit at a hospital and loved it and thrived and was amazing at it. She worked through SARS and terror alerts and lockdowns and I’m super proud of her.

Then there is Le Brother. He’s just a year older than me. Growing up, we didn’t like each other or get along but he’s shown some pretty protective tendencies when he needed to. That being said, he also taught me how to stand up for myself because I had to against him. Now he’s one of my closest friends and if he doesn’t approve of any of my boyfriends (he hasn’t met any of them in person but he hears ALL about them) then I start to seriously question the relationship. He is the best person to go to museums or art galleries with because we mock things together. We share the same sassy banter that I share with most people so I started a category “Conversations with Le Brother”. Currently, it only has one post because I haven’t gone through and tagged all the other ones that I wrote previously. He’s some sort of mechanical engineer and lives in Ottawa.

Then, of course, is me. The sunshine of their lives *insert sly grin again*. I tell them this often, which will always get an exasperated sigh from my mom, followed by an eye roll, followed by her laughing. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards usually run along the same lines.

And who can forget the pups?! You read all about my baby yesterday. His real name is Clooney (I actually forgot to mention that in his birthday post!) And then there is D’Artangan. He is my mom’s dog. I call him anything BUT his name. Fuffy mostly. He’s a horrible little dog when he’s not being nice. He growls and snaps at everyone. Doesn’t listen to commands. Basically runs the world. But he’s cute when he’s sleeping so there’s that…

And that’s my little family! ❤


This post is part of my 30 Days of Writing Challenge.

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