How do you like your sausage?

Don’t you dare turn this into a sexual thing on my adorable little marshmallow blog lol

At work today I had to do something I’ve never done before. Take the casings off of sausages.

First they were boiled and instead of just broiling them to get a darker colour to them, I had to make a little cut and peel the casings off of every single one (making dinner for 20…)

I literally have never done this before. Aside from them being scolding hot and burning my fingers, I also got covered in grease from them. It’s good the grease came out of the sausage once the casing was removed but its all over my top. Not cool.

So is this a popular thing? I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this lol.

How do you like your sausage?

12 thoughts on “How do you like your sausage?

  1. I prefer mine fried in a cast iron skillet as patties. My extended family brings me deer sausage…. Oh dear it’s delicious! Especially because it’s deer summer sausage!

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