Food, Glorious FOOD!

Why does anyone need to know this? 

As if pouring out my recent emotions for this challenge wasn’t enough, now it wants to know what I ate today. Which is lame. But I challenged myself to do this thing so I’m going to do it. I don’t back down from a challenge! Not even one that I set for myself and there isn’t really a need to do it…

Since it is literally 8:30 in the morning, I’m just going to guess what I’m going to eat for the rest of the day. Okies? Awesome.

  • Breakfast
    • coffee
    • cheerios and yogurt (okies total side note here: I kind of hate cereal with milk. It gets soggy and nasty!!! Why do people like it? I have no idea. It’s so gross to me. So instead, I put a yogurt on it. Yeah – that’s right…I’m weird. But ya’ll already know that. Let’s just move on, ok?)
  • Lunch
    • probably like a sandwich and soup? I have tons of homemade chicken noodle soup in my freezer that is so DELISH and it is calling to me.
  • Monopoly Time!!!
    • popcorn
    • doritos
    • homemade cookies
    • sparkling apple/peach juice (super excited to try this!)
  • Dinner
    • homemade chilli

It’s a game day here at the 2nd house. We have a student moving out next Saturday so I planned it a few weeks ago. But all the students are now studying for exams which sucks cos they are all trying to get out of it. Ummm no – take a break from studying to eat some junk and play some monopoly. It will only be an hour but at least they will have a break from their books. Plus, my boss made sure we have snacks for it so it’s all good. I told the one boy who literally eats everything that isn’t labelled that a few things are only for the game day. Hopefully, that will draw him out of his room long enough to socialize. Like I get it, you’re the only male in the house and the only homestay student who doesn’t speak Mandarin (the girl leaving is Japanese just like he is but she is fluent in Mandarin) but still…dude…talk to people! You’re not improving your English sitting in your room whenever you’re not at school.

This post is part of my 30 Day Writing Challenge 

17 thoughts on “Food, Glorious FOOD!

  1. Ahh, food. 💘
    I’m watching hockey. Philadelphia and Washington. Do you watch american hockey? I don’t really watch hockey much but it will have to do before I watch the last two conference championship games of the NFL before the big game on February 4 I think it is.

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  2. Lol I was reading some food blogs and saw your title Food, Glorious FOOD…and yeah…now that song is stuck in my head! LOL Thank you for the smile this morning. BTW I would love to follow you through this writing challenge to see you succeed at it.

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