No one likes my cookies

So it’s basically a “more for me” situation. 

This week, I was in a cookie mood. I just wanted cookies. It was weird because I normally don’t crave cookies. Then I got into a weird cookie comment thread which made it even worse (thanks a lot, Alphonso :P) I tried to make cookies at work during the week but it didn’t happen so I knew that on Friday, my one full day off with nothing else planned, I was going to make cookies.

I found a nice recipe online and decided to go with whipped shortbreads. I like shortbreads because they are simple and easy. But whipped ones needed a stand mixer or a hand mixer or a blender to whip the butter and sugar together. I have none of those things but my boss has all of them. I asked if I could just pop by for about 20 minutes Friday morning and make the dough in her mixer. I promised to clean up before I left. She actually offered to drive the mixer over to the 2nd house, but then it would have had to go back again, so it was just easier for me to walk the 2 minutes down the road.

What I didn’t realize was that Friday was a PA day for the kidlets. So when I arrived at 10 am Friday morning with my tote bag full of pre-measured ingredients, I had two little kidlets circling me chanting “cookies! cookies!” Their little faces dropped when I told them that the cookies were for not them.

But 4th still wanted to help. She helped to add the sugar to the mixer and decided that they needed to be purple not just plain white. She also dumped in some sprinkles into the batter instead of just on top. Oh, to be 8 again and just put sugar on top of sugar!

I finished up the dough, packed all my things up, washed everything that I used and came back to my house to bake them.


They turned out AUH-MAZING! If I do say so myself. The only problem is that I have about 70000000000000000 cookies. It made so many! So I packaged up 2 each for the kidlets and their mom and sent them to the main house in the afternoon. I arrived this morning expecting them to be all “can we have more cookies?!” They were cooked to perfection and were dry and flaky and melt in your mouth so rich and yummy and delicate.

But instead, I found the container on the counter, with over half of the cookies left. 4th told me she only likes crispy cookies. 3rd said they LOOKED delicious but didn’t taste delicious – they were too soft and not enough sugar. 1st said she liked them but they needed more sugar.

Um…guys….not everything needs to give you diabetes.

I had a cookie while I was working and enjoyed the yumminess of it. Then heard 1st telling the one dog that he was naughty for doing something. Found out that he had pulled the container off the counter and had devoured all the cookies that were left in it.

At least someone liked my cookies…

10 thoughts on “No one likes my cookies

  1. Um… 1- you’re welcome. 2-did you change your email address? Lmao I’m so sorry, I got your email with the picture of the cookies, didn’t put two and two together, and somehow assumed that someone just typed in the wrong address when they went to send it to someone else

    Liked by 1 person

    • 1) lol thanks 😝
      And 2) ooo dang! I’m trying this thing were I combine both my personal and blog emails into one inbox on my phone so I don’t have to switch back and forth. I guess it sent from my personal email? I will have to be more mindful lol
      But 3) if you get a random email like that you should at least reply in some silly way! Seize the opportunity for some shenanigans


        • 2) I’m sorry lol I didn’t know! I’m back to separate inboxes lol heaven forbid my parents find this blog 😱 and 1) for all your talk about cookies it seems like I’m the only one making them 😆 and 3) would a bot really talk about Santa Post? I’m not sure they are that advanced yet.


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