Pew Pew!

My day in bullet points. *spends the next 5 minutes pretending to have guns for fingers shooting things* pew pew pew

Since I post in the mornings, I’m going to use the last 24 hours instead of today. It’s the same thing, right?

  • 9a-11
    • put up two new blog posts
    • read new blog emails
  • 11-12:30
    • relaxing! Some Netflix, lunch
  • 12:30-4:30
    • dishes at work
    • swept all the floors
    • put away clean and washed new dirty dishes
    • ironed some things
    • 1st home from school
    • eat while it’s quiet and the food is still hot!
  • 4:30-7
    • 1st’s tutor arrives
    • more dishes
    • check in with Homestay students, clean out lunch bags
    • once everyone has eaten, packed up lunches for next day using leftovers making sure there’s enough food for kids when they return from karate
    • free time – Pinterest, new blog post, phone time.
  • 7-9
    • remaining kidlets home from karate SO HYPER THEY ARE BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS
    • dinner for those 3
    • homework for 2, had to literally utter the sentence “dude you have two choices: homework or hugs” He hates hugs so they are a good negotiation tactic. He did get a few because he was too distracted.
    • “I love you guys but I’m this close to smashing my head on the counter” “DO IT!!” 4th loves me – she really does!
    • “What time are you supposed to go home?” “8:30” “what time is it now?” “8:58….” “why are you still here?” “because you know I’m going to stay until you finish your homework but I’m leaving in 2 minutes. Finish those last 3 questions”
  • 9-11p
    • home, shower, snack, Netflix, sleep!
  • 7:30a-9
    • had to wake up a student because he’s slept through his alarm two days in a row now
    • breakfast
    • kitchen clean up
    • dressed and ready for the day
    • blogging

This post is part of my 30 Day Writing Challenge

11 thoughts on “Pew Pew!

  1. This seems like a fun challenge. I am also jealous you get to blog every day. So hard to find time now that back to work and xmas vacay is over! I should dedicate one or two evenings and prepare. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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