“I can do this!”

“No crying!!” Where my pep talks to myself as I made my way to the salon last weekend. 

I did it – I went back to the torture chamber willingly! I made it a whole week between threading appointments and I was going back again.

My first appointment ended with me in tears. Literally. I was crying. My voice and body were shaking, I had a headache for the rest of the night. It was horrible. I don’t cry over things. I literally took an elbow to the jaw last night (thank you 4th…) and not a single tear. But nooooo threading has proven to be my downfall. Stupid threading….stupid tears…

The lady who now does my appointments gave me a few tips before I left last week in order to possibly make the next appointment more tolerable. And I did every single one of them.

The first thing I had to promise was not to shave my face all week. That was hard for me because it’s part of my self-esteem and all that jazz whatever. But this makes it possible to stop having to shave cos who has time for that? It sucks.

So her steps for less pain:

  1. exfoliate – I use a tea tree oil face wash (which is amazing!) but I don’t exfoliate. I have very sensitive skin so I try to stay away from abrasive things on my face. But since she recommended it, I went to my local Shoppers and asked my favourite beautician to recommend a super sensitive one. I bought it and used it the night before my appointment.
  2. lidocaine – this is a numbing agent. She said 5% so I had to go to Amazon and used the last day of my Prime free trial to have it shipped here super quick. I put on a thick layer about 30 minutes before my appointment start time just like the bottle said. PS: affiliate link

I went to my appointment after giving myself a pep talk. I was totally ready for this! I was NOT going to cry. I didn’t even put on makeup because I didn’t want raccoon eyes at 10:30 in the morning from mascara streaming down my face. How embarrassing.

I got there and we decided to do the face first and my shoulders second. It was a double appointment. I knew that we were doing threading because it causes less irritation on the skin, which means my super white face wouldn’t go as red or stay super red for a long time. But I had no plans for the rest of the day so I suggested wax instead of threading. We actually did a combo of both.

Now, this was a great choice! First of all, it meant that she could do under my chin (the most sensitive part which made me cry) super quickly with the wax. Also, it didn’t take as long because the wax pulls out lots of hairs all at once instead of threading which is like one at a time. And, most importantly, waxing first numbs the skin for the threading. Sure there was still a little bit of pain, but it was so much more tolerable than the previous week. AND bonus: not a single tear was shed that day. Go me!

Now I have two weeks before the next appointment and I’ll be following the same steps. I’m not about to be a little baby and cry (please know that I know that crying does not make you a baby. I just hate crying and thus am super hard on myself when I cry for stupid reasons like this.)

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