Books are Friends

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Today is going to be a tad bit of an easy post. Everyone knows my favourite book is Ella Enchanted. I love it so much. Not the movie – I don’t want to talk about it. But I have written about this book so many times. If you want to read the most relevant one, read this.

Of course, I also adore Harry Potter. But I didn’t actually read those books until I was 27. Yeah….just three short years ago! Actually, it’s almost 4 years but whatever peeps.

But let’s talk about some of the other books that I just absolutely, positively, love with all my heart.

First up: any and all Dr. Seuss. When I was in teacher’s college, I was doing my kindergarten placement and the teacher in the kindergarten room said she didn’t like Dr. Seuss. Up until that moment, I was loving having her as my associate teacher. She was everything I wanted to be as a teacher (just not a kindergarten teacher. I hated kindergarten so much I would go home crying after my shadow days. Then they brainwashed me with their cuteness and changed me into the person you all know and love today).


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Of course, what kind of Canadian would I be if I didn’t include Robert Munsch? A lame one! That’s what!


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Lastly, The Balloon Tree by Phoebe Gilman.


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She is the same author to grace us with the Jillian Jiggs series, but The Balloon Tree is something magical. It’s literally just another princess story but for some reason, I clutched onto it as a child. I loved it! I want to find it again but can never seem to in the libraries that I go to with my kidlets. And I don’t want to get a new copy…I want to find an old copy. One that’s been loved and appreciated – just like I’ve loved and appreciated it, although I might just break down and buy it. Seriously guys – used books as the best. They have that old book smell and you can tell by their spines how many times they’ve been read. It’s just so great. I mean just look at these pages!


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Have you fallen in love with a book lately? Or have any books from your childhood that are just magical?


This post is part of my 30 Day Challenge

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