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This post was kinda sorta requested, and I like to oblige my followers as much as possible here on NLFF and I pride myself in an open and honest blog, so here we go. 

I have a lot of new followers lately (Hey you guys!! Welcome!! *blugs* that’s blog hugs for those not in on my silliness which was combined with someone else’s silliness to make up new words) and I also have a lot of well-established followers who might not exactly understand my posts when I talk about my job.

My life is a little bit bananas.

the office bananas GIF

I literally sing this…I’m not ashamed.

It involves a lot of different players and that can get confusing sometimes so I’m going to try to break my job/life/living situations down for you since they are all interconnected. But since I keep my identity hidden, I also hide the identities of those involved in my life and work. I will try to remember to link this post in my future posts about my kidlets.

Okies so, first of all, I’m a nanny. My 20’s were spent mostly in university or in South Korea working to be a teacher. But when I started to actually teach in Ontario, I hated it. It sucked my life of all happiness like the Dementors from Harry Potter.


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Hello Teaching, Goodbye Soul

So when I returned from a second contract in South Korea in October of 2016, I knew I needed a change so I became a nanny for this amazing family here in Toronto. Updated January 2019

There are four children:

1st – is currently 13 14
2nd – currently 11 12
3rd – 10 11 and the only boy
4th – my 8 9-year-old and the star of most of my posts because I spend most of my time with her being silly because while on the outside I’m basically Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way), on the inside I’m 5, which makes her older than me so she thinks she’s the boss and calls me a little child while we play X-box because I can’t and she can and she likes that she has this upper hand over me.

Okies so 4 children in my work family. Plus two dogs and two birds.

That’s pretty easy right?! Well, it gets more complicated.

The family owns two three houses. Don’t get all “Oh my goodness they much be RICH!” They just have a good system set up to keep it all running.

Okies two three houses: the main house is where the family lives, and the guest house is where I live. They are about a 3-minute walk apart from each other, or ten if I take the long way. And the third house is literally right across the street from the main house and was bought by my boss’s two sisters. 

At the main house, there is the family and the dogs/birds. There are also 5 homestay students. Homestay students are from China or Japan and are here to go to private schools to improve their English and to get into Canadian universities – thus improving their English even more. They are here only for the school year. At my house, there are 4 homestay students. Nine in total. And at the 3rd house, there are 3 more students – making 11 in total. 

Also at the house where I live: the basement is the office where the dad works. This was the house they bought when they were first married so it’s where his business started. Those who live here, live upstairs. And also the wife’s sister and mom. Plus there is supposed to be a caretaker here for the wife’s mom, but we are in between right now (she was the horrible one I’ve written about). We got a new one, and she lives in the same house as the granny and auntie but only during the week. In a few weeks, I’m supposed to take over the role of “house mother” here. Cooking breakfasts for the students and keeping it neat and tidy. But that isn’t in place yet so we shall see. I am now the house mother – I cook and lightly clean, and someone else comes once a week to do a full clean. 

There is ALSO a lady who comes to clean the office and the student’s rooms here every two weeks. Not my room because I’m an adult lol Now I live in the house suite, it’s my own little apartment separate from everyone else. AND there is a lady at the main house who is there every day who cooks dinner for literally everyone mentioned above and then cleans the house over there as well (she’s the one on holidays right now and why I go in early at the moment). She usually makes enough so that we can pack school lunches for all 9 of the students for the next day.

Are you still following? It’s ok if you’re not. It’s a lot. I know. But that’s my life. It’s crazy and intense and actually kind of wonderful. I’ve been accepted into this family now and I can’t imagine life any other way anymore. What does a normal life/job look like!?

TLDR: Two houses, 4 children, 9 11 international students, two extra helpers, 2 dogs, 2 birds = 1 bananas life.


23 thoughts on “Welcome to my Life

  1. Wow! Thanks for the break down. I am sometimes confused and forget how you live your work/home life. It sounds exciting. I think I would like it. What a cush deal you got going. I will probably read it again. To cement your way of life.

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      • Hey, I like it! And, yes. I do believe it is much like I do now when I’m a stay-at-home-mother. 🙂 The difference is that you have many more kiddos than I do. So, I can imagine that laundry and dishes are never-ending. Go you! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl you’re better than me. My life is far too crazy and it’s hard enough to keep up with my own crazy schedule. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance social and work life. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I suddenly had the intro of Brady Bunch in my head when reading the last sentence. Honestly I’m glad you recapped b/c I forgot the ages and now I’ve written it down for reference when we talk! Great post! I’m going to post it on my Hot Mess Facebook page this evening!

    Liked by 1 person

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