My Kids Are BACK

Sweet baby Jesus, it’s about time. 

Ok, so technically, they were back yesterday. But by the time I saw them all at 7:30pm, they had been up for two days except for a little bit of sleep on the plane. Plus all 3 girls had spent the whole day at the salon getting the sand washed out of their hair and having their hair re-braided. One kidlet was sneezing non-stop, one was coughing and wouldn’t even let me say hi without grunting and turning her back, one was cranky but at least I got a hug, and the last one (the oldest) was totally fine.

Today though!! OOOO TODAY!

I hear the door open and the kids get home from school. Before I even reach the bottom of the stairs, 4th has flung her coat and boots off and was running down the stairs SCREAMING my name at the top of her lungs. She gets to the bottom step, FLINGS herself off of it into my arms and won’t let me put her down for a few minutes. Her legs are very strong – and even wrapped around my squishy tummy she has a good grip. So up the stairs we go to see the other two – her firmly attached to me. 8-year-olds are heavy guys.

And thus began a really awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles night.  I missed having them in my life! I don’t know how parents can send their kids off to boarding schools because I love these little munchkins more than I ever thought possible and not seeing them for 2.5 weeks almost killed me. Sure it coincided with my epiphany the other day about my relationship with Mr. Potential which sucked more than I was expecting, but seriously it was not seeing the kids that really got to me.

And just to make it more interesting, inspired by fellow blogger Becca and her Monday Wakeup Calls, here are a few of our conversations from the evening:

T: When I get married I’m not going to have a big dance party (part of the reason they went on holiday was to go to a cousin’s wedding in Trinidad where their family is from)
4th: BUT NOOOO because you know me now, so I have to be there and we have to dance
T: We’ll dance between the tables but I don’t want like a DJ or anything. Simple and low key Hunny Bunny.
4th: Who are you going to date next?
T: Ummm…that’s a good question, I don’t know
2nd: Calvin Harris
T: The only ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swifts that I would ever consider dating is Tom Hiddleston

In the kitchen holding my hand out somewhere close to 4th’s face. She licks me.
2nd: Did she bite you?!
3rd: What happened?!
4th: giggling up a storm

Snuggling 4th on her bed, arms wrapped around her as she sits on my lap and lays against my chest. I feel her licking my hand again.
T: Dude (yeah I called her dude) why are you licking me today?
4th: You taste good.
T: Oh?
4th: Yeah! Like a paper cut!

Lastly, and this was the best part of my day at work! My mom bought me some Disney books for Christmas so I brought two to read for bedtime stories and 4th is using my lap as a pillow as we read them together, and she’s falling asleep as we do. She wants more ice when we are finished so I go and get her some. I lean in and kiss her goodnight on the forehead but she grabs my hand to stay. Her mom is already 30 minutes past my end time so I know she won’t be too much longer so I say I’ll stay 5 minutes. She gets back to her comfy spot on my leg and I draw big circles on her back. Her breath starts to slow and deepen and my circles get smaller and lighter and soon she’s fast asleep on my lap. Dead to the world and my heart you guys. My freaking heart is just like…omg it’s just too much!!

Then her mom got home and I start to panic – how am I supposed to get up with a sleeping child on me?! I’m not an actual parent I have no idea! So I whisper to 2nd “I can’t get up! I’m stuck!” and I start to gingerly lift her head to slip out from under her, and 2nd comes to help and just takes her sister and half flings/half rolls her over on the bed. But she didn’t wake up! Phew!

Thankfully, I was able to take the car since it was raining and I have a blister on my heel from my boot and I slipped and fell on the ice this morning, with an added invitation to come and borrow it anytime I needed it for winter shopping and groceries especially. I got to where I live just as the husband was leaving so I just said “The van was sent for you!” and passed off the keys – he got in and drove it back down the street to the main house.

BEST DAY EVER!! (well maybe just recently haha)

16 thoughts on “My Kids Are BACK

  1. Is there a post where you talk about your current living situation because I am always hella confused I obviously missed how you live in with a family but also piles of other students or something and I’m always delighted by the hogwartsy communal stories but also the family stuff is fun but I’m lost.

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  2. This is so interesting! At first I thought the kids were yours! But you’re their nanny correct?! So incredibly sweet! Now I want to start from
    The very beginning and read every single post lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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