Almost there….

One. More. Day. 

My kidlets will be back tomorrow. At 5am they are getting picked up at the airport. I am SOOOOOO FUDGE MUFFIN EXCITED!!!

When I left for Christmas holidays, I was at my parents for 2 days before I was all “I’m done. I miss my kids”. That was two full weeks ago.

I started back to work last Tuesday and I had a list I wanted to get done. You know things you can’t do with the munchkins wanting your attention, and homework, and sports, and tutoring. I cleaned all the bedrooms and did all the ironing (about 6 hours split over two days) and organized drawers in the kitchen and a little of this and a little of that. I thought they were coming home today so I had it all planned to finish the whole list yesterday.

Sure some days I had an hour or two at the end of the night free. But I didn’t want to do things from the next day. And my boss said she understood there would be some down time but I was also here to keep an eye on the homestay students. But I finished my list yesterday. Plus like a full day’s work on top of the list in little things I’ve picked up along the way.

So today I sit. I’m chillin’. I’m reading through Anne of Green Gables each night in my down time.

And I am SO. BORED.

And I think my heart is dying from lack of children to be silly with. I have to wear my cupcake hairclip just to have some whimsy in my day.

Someone tell me a story! Preferably about a fairy princess with a pet hippo.

Ps: totally spent last Thursday texting a story to Mr. Potential between tasks haha. Because his answer to the text “I’m bored tell me a story” was a day late and only one sentence long. It literally took me all night and I was making it up as I typed it. And then he “didn’t like” the ending so I had to change it. Ppfffttt demanding much?! But at least we can be friends after breaking up and enjoy the silliness.

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