Much Loved

Do you have a “much loved” category in your life?  

I sure do.

There have been many things and people that I have loved deeply in my 30 years of life. But I want to talk about one of my first loves.

Don’t we make the perfect match? Baby me is probably thinking “why am I in a picture with daddy and my brother but not teddy?!” Ps: my dad made me that doll crib.

Let me tell you about him. His name is Teddy. Yes, he’s still an “is” not a “was”.

The year was 1987. The day was the day I was born. My dad (another from the much-loved category) went to the bank to open a savings account for me. Because that’s what you did back then. Since I’m not a parent I’m not sure if that’s what you do now, but whatever.

Anyway, Papa GF went to the bank and opened a savings account for me. It was for my education. He had done the same for my brother when he was born. The way I remember the story, is that when he opened the account, he was gifted the bear. I’m not sure why the bank was giving out teddy bears, but it was a popular design for that year (at least two other friends of mine had it). And thus, Teddy and I were matched together.

I slept with that bear every single night. In all honesty, probably a little too long. I remember going to a church sleep away camp when I was in grade 4 or 5 or something and I had forgotten him at home and the first night I cried and cried. My mom was at the camp as a cook for the week (it’s what housewives did for their church) and she couldn’t get me to calm down. Finally, one of the older girls at the camp, a close family friend, brought me one of her stuffies that she had brought and I was able to get to sleep.

Teddy moved into student housing with me for my last 8 months of university. Teddy travelled to South Korea with me the first time I lived there. He flew on the airplane in my carry-on bag, providing emotional support and a semi-comfortable pillow when the 12-hour flight got too long and I needed to sleep. And when I finally got internet in my apartment a few days after arriving and was able to skype with my parents, he was a familiar cuddle when I was overcome with tears after hanging up. He travelled to teacher’s college and back again – before eventually being retired and replaced by Alfonso about 5 years ago.



He just sits on a shelf looking all cute. He has no real role like Teddy had, except for “airplane emotional support”


Don’t worry – there are no hard feelings. After being at the job for 25 years, it was time for Teddy to retire.

Currently, Teddy resides in a keepsake box. It’s this large storage box with a snap on lid that holds a lot of my childhood treasures. Like a delicate little dress my grandma crocheted for me when I was just a wee little thing. Or a blanket my mom knit when she was pregnant. My very first miniature tea-set. A “treasure book” that just has pockets in it that you fill with report cards and class pictures and things like that. But he’s still as loved as he ever was. Even if he looks a little bit more worn out than when we first met.


I couldn’t get his arms to cooperate. GAH Teddy pull it together man!

The point of this little trip down memory lane is not to just show you how absolutely freaking adorable I was as a baby (but seriously, that face?! That hair?! I don’t know how my parents ever walked away from me to get anything done! I tell them this literally all the time. They roll their eyes and go about their business, trying to figure out where they went wrong in life to have raised such a silly daughter), was to introduce this book:


Image result for much loved

I read about it online and now I wants it! It also made me want to give Teddy a quick visit when I was home for Christmas. So eventually I will be getting it, just to see all the other much-loved toys. You can get it too by clicking here. Head’s up though, that’s an affiliate link and I might get a little kickback if you do purchase it.

11 thoughts on “Much Loved

  1. My sister is…ummmm, 42, I think? Turning 43 at end of this month. Or maybe 43, turning 44. She still has a velvety pillow she used to sleep with when she was young. Not as young as birth, but I’m pretty sure as a child. She takes in when she goes sleep somewhere. If she comes to daddy’s or my house, she brings it and rubs it before she falls asleep. I never had a thing for stuffed animals. At least I don’t remember having it.
    What a nostalgic little post. And a cute baby, you were!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww that’s sweet! It’s weird how we create attachments to certain objects during our lives!

      And thanks Gretchen!! 😛 I cropped the picture with the teddy bear because of how just not cute I looked lol. I was positive when I asked my mom to find and sent the picture to me that I was wearing something different and looking totally adorable. When I got it, my hair was a MESS – red wisps flying every which way lol. Thankfully she decided to send a few other pictures as well so I was able to find a cute one to include hehe


  2. Yup, I still have the teddy my grandmother gave me when I was born- 51 years ago- his name is Busterfer Jones, & he’s in a plastic tub for safety (how did I come up with that name you ask?? I have zero idea) ❤

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