Bursts of Energy

Do you ever have like random bursts of unexplained energy? 

Here’s the breakdown: Yesterday was my first day back at work after having the laziest 10 days off that I’ve ever had (5 days in a row sleeping 10 hours and then having to take naps in the afternoon I was so sleepy. I almost considered I had mono except there were no other symptoms). I knew work was going to be an uphill battle, but the work-family is still in the Carribean so I just have a list of chores to do to keep me busy. And since I’m not being a “responsible adult”, my plantar fasciitis has been acting up again. I ordered the OOFOS sandals that Paula suggested but they arrived the day AFTER I left my parent’s so now I have to wait for them to be mailed here. *sigh* Stupid Amazon Prime.

So I was expecting this morning to be a struggle. I tried to take it easy at work yesterday but I’m a “let’s get this task DONE” type of person. I just work fast and I did a lot. This morning, I was so tired I slept in over an hour and a half past what I normally sleep. But as soon as I was up – there was no sluggishness. There was no “uuuggggghhhhhh nooooo wwwwhhhhhhyyyyyy” that I was expecting.

Instead, I was filled with a sense of “move it girl!!” I go in at 12:30 still instead of my regular 2:30 so my brain started a list of things to do. Eat, blog, emails, omg look at how messy your room is! Clean it! Call the spa, book an appointment for Friday, lunch, work. At work, do this first then this, do you actually have a fever or is it just hot in here?

Seriously I don’t know where all my energy came from but it’s there. Although now that I’m sitting down, all the energy has left me.

And also: a question from my brain: is it a fever or is it just hot in here?

I may be an adult, but I’m not the type of adult that knows when I have a fever. My kidlets – sure! No problem. I gots that down pat! But myself? Nopes.

Maybe the energy is just my body’s way of telling me I’m getting sick and that haha – you best do everything you can now because in a few days you’re going to want to die. Sucks to be you! My body needs an attitude adjustment sometimes. She’s mean.

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