It’s a New Year

Have you heard that yet? Did you know? It kind of sneaks up on ya, doesn’t it? 

Everyone is posting resolutions all over the place, some serious and some not so serious and I’m just over here like:

Image result for new years resolutions same sassy me

Although I’m not sure anyone could call me foul-mouthed…

Maybe if I just HAD to make resolutions it would be a little more like this though:

Image result for new years resolutions same sassy me

Which kind of means that I have to send a rather carefully worded text sometime soon. Probably sooner rather than later. Does anyone want that job? Wouldn’t that be an awesome job? Just have people send you cell phone numbers, the general idea of what the text message is to say and then send you a $10 Amazon card or something?

“555-555-5555: you ran over my cat and I hate you”

“123-456-7890: I like you but I like your best friend more. Sorries”

“232-576-3633: Your taste in movies is horrible, you should apologize to the trees for using up the oxygen they worked so hard to create”

I would definitely get behind that! Makes things less awkward. I did read about numbers you can give out if someone is asking for your number but you’d rather not but they just won’t take no for an answer:

Image result for numbers to give to losers

I personally like the “I am Groot” one hehe. Adorable. Although, the Seattle “Loser Line” sounds pretty awesome.

So there was really no point in this post. Other than I am celebrating the fact that I have arrived safe and sound back to Toronto, despite whiteout conditions and horrible snow-covered country roads because the main highway was closed and it taking us an hour and a half to travel what normally would take 45 minutes – but my brother was driving and he’s an amazing winter driver. He even took extra care not to fishtail around corners like he loves to do.

And now I am home, unpacked, laundry half finished, Christmas table all put away, and I can finally sit and relax and catch up on emails.

Happy New Years to all you lovely Giggling Followers! I hope we have some awesome times together in 2018!!

*all images provided via google search*

27 thoughts on “It’s a New Year

  1. I actually listen to the radio station that has the loser line. They do a top 10 of the most ridiculous messages left… my mouth has dropped open by some of the most ridiculous stuff people actually say, 😀

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      • They think they’re actually calling the person and leaving a message, so sometimes they leave a super heartfelt, ridiculously needy message to the person they think they’re calling, or the ones that get super cringey are the ones who either start talking like a baby or talking about how they’ve been bad and need a spanking. There are ALL kinds of weirdos out there, and it’s not just men, lol. 🤣

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