Holiday in Pictures

I liked doing this after my summer vacation, so I thought I’d do it again now. 

There aren’t as many pictures, I’m only spending about half the time here, and also I have no plans. It’s kind of hard to make plans when highways are being closed due to poor visibility.

But, over the first few days of my break, I did manage to get some nice pictures. I am always surprised when my phone takes really good quality ones. Like this little munchkin for instance.


Sure, he has an advantage – when he is actually sitting still and being nice he’s quite cute! I even have a super cute video of him up there on the back of the couch dropping a ball on my head over and over wanting me to play. He’s adorable.

I mean look at that cute little baby paw! Except he’s not a baby, he’s almost 7.


yup that’s my dad – don’t tell him!

And, of course, what would holidays be without pictures of decorations while I’m waiting for the coffee to hurry up and finish dripping on Christmas morning.

Not sure why all the lights are all weird like that but whatever.

My family always has this thing about creative gift wrapping. My dad started it, and now it can get very competitive! Though nothing too outrageous happened this year, best wrapping went to a gift from my brother to me…and the amazing treat inside which took me back to Korea just for a little bit.

The most unexpected gift goes to my mom though. She knows how much I love Disney and said that if I’m collecting the movies, I should collect the books as well. And my kids LOVE bedtime stories. Yes, I am 30 and getting Disney books for Christmas. Yes, I was wearing my onesie on Christmas day. Yes, as soon as I took the picture I read every single one.


We have special little things that only come out at Christmas time in our house – like Christmas mugs. Le Brother and I have cutesie ones, my parents have really nice detailed pictures of Santa on theirs. We’ve used them every year for at least the last 25 years.


And of course, what is Christmas without good food?! My brother made his famous lemon bars before leaving Ottawa, and I made our aunt’s famous cheesecake for dinner last night when I made dinner. It’s amazing and delicious and I think I might be getting diabetes from all the sweets.


I hope everyone had a great holiday, however you chose to celebrate! And for those still celebrating – have some fun for me.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my bed overdosing on cold medicine. Stories are always appreciated to help pass the time. Or Netflix specials on the 72 most deadly animals in South America, or the 72 cutest animals ever.

13 thoughts on “Holiday in Pictures

    • Oooo I’m glad you said that cos my eyes do the same thing at night! I have an astigmatism too. It doesn’t get that bad when I’m driving at night but it really is a hinderance.

      And thanks!! He’s my mom’s dog! He is a very tempermental dog when he’s awake but when he’s sitting and half asleep he’s very lovely 😛😛

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  1. I think we all have certain things like mugs, just for Christmas. I love your window to the snow. Looked like a postcard.


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