Pinterest is suggesting my life choices

And all of them involve shiny things. 

A few days ago, I made a post including a GORGeous engagement ring that Pinterest had suggested to me. It was this amazingly beautiful snowflake design. I apologize to all of those who thought that I was actually getting married – I promise you’ll have a little bit more warning if that news ever actually needs to be announced 😉

But lately, Pinterest has been suggesting a LOT of rings. I’m not sure how it even started. I didn’t search for anything that would lead it to up its suggestions in any way. And we all know how I feel about diamonds. And I’m kind of over how people look at me when I say I don’t like diamonds. Especially when they work it out that it’s my birthstone as well. Maybe that’s part of it? My life has just been over saturated with the implication that I have to love diamonds so I’m rebelling against it? I don’t know.

Anyway! So Pinterest has been showing me lots and lots and lots of diamonds lately. All beautiful, over the top, diamond rings. But also some interesting rings. I’m all for living a colourful life so it’s started to suggest coloured gemstones for the rings too.

Like this beaut:

Even in the most traditional of moments, those times when diamonds are notorious for taking center stage, there's a new style of sparkling stone doing its best to steal the scene. The engagement ring scene, that is.

I mean come on!!! Look at how pretty it is!! I like to see what else the articles suggests, so I click it and there are some stunning rings in it. I finally get to the little explanation of this green piece of heaven and can you guess how much it is?!

Go on…GUESS…

Have a number ready?!

$25,000!!! I almost choked on my morning coffee over that number! That would literally pay off the rest of my student debt AND MORE. I have no idea what to even do with that number.

I’m baffled.

Pinterest can continue to suggest all the pretty rings it wants to because I love looking at how pretty they are, but I think I’ll hold firm on my “no diamond” policy. Maybe it will start to suggest non-diamond rings in the future? Maybe since I’m writing this, Pinterest will somehow find out and switch its suggestions? Seriously, if that happens I’m quitting Pinterest.

13 thoughts on “Pinterest is suggesting my life choices

  1. Just a thought: ’tis the season for engagements. Maybe that’s why you’re seeing a lot of rings on your Pintrest feed. I myself have a diamond engagement ring that I’m infatuated with, but agree that diamonds are over priced rocks. Mine has a total carat weight of 1/3 so in diamond standards, it’s kind of puny, but I love it!

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