This is a straight-up rant.

So here’s my deal – I hate being late. Seriously HATE being late. And not showing up all together?! That’s the biggest no-no on the list. I don’t think I’ve ever done that – just not shown up when I said I would do something. Aside from that Monday where my boss in South Korea was expecting me to show up to work but the Sunday afternoon at 6pm I boarded a plane with all my possessions and flew to Canada without telling him. BUT I emailed him when I landed in Toronto (7am Monday morning for him) and told him I wasn’t going to be at work at 1:30 that afternoon. He at least had 6 hours to find a replacement so technically I didn’t just “not show up”.

But then there are the people who are always late, or just don’t show up. And why I let myself get sucked into it EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m home is beyond me.

This time I wasn’t going to even suggest that we hang out. I’m much better friends with her husband anyways. But she texted me first. She asked if I was free on the 27th or 28th. I said sure – thinking that if SHE is the one making the plans then maybe, just MAYBE she’d actually show up.

That was on Saturday.

This morning, I text her asking if she’s still wanting to do something. We make plans for 8pm tonight. That was at lunchtime. Are you SERIOUSLY telling me from noon to 8pm she forgot we had plans?! SERIOUSLY?!

BUT nooooo. Do I learn from past experiences? Stood up over Mother’s Day weekend completely. May 2-4, she’s late and only arrives cos her husband saw me at Tims, came inside and called their house from his cell phone. Over my summer vacation, she was late again!

But today I thought – oooo it’ll be different. These weren’t in-advance plans. These were day-of plans. No one is that rude. I bribed my brother with hot chocolate to drive me up since it’s -18 and I’m starting to get a little cold. He offers to stay until my friend shows up, I say no need. He leaves, I chat with my former work friends, sit and wait. Send a text at 10 after, no reply.

At 830 I tell my dad I’m going to walk home but he insists on coming to get me since it’s so cold.

So by that time- my brother has made the trip, my dad has made the trip, I’ve sat there for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES ALONE and for what?! Because I’m soooo naive that I think she’s going to change.


And look -AN HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES after we were supposed to meet she texts me…SERIOUSLY?!?! SERIOUSLY!!?!?!

I don’t think that even youtube videos of baby hippo Fiona can fix this mood right now…

21 thoughts on “Ugh!!

  1. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I hate to be late and hate when people are late. I don’t understand how I can be on time with 2 kids then a certain childless relative is ALWAYS late. There is a name for people like this: FLAKE.

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  2. How infuriating! I’m with you- being late is not an option. My old band director had a saying: If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, then don’t bother. How is this not how everyone sees appointments and deadlines!?

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    • Totally!! Like I understand it if she’s a few minutes late. We live in such a small town, I could leave my house at 7:59, drive to the other side of town to Tim’s and be there at 8:01 lol and she has an almost-two year old to consider as well. But once it starts to become a pattern, I start to get annoyed.

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