Nail Art Sunday: Christmas Nails

Do you need a distraction from Christmas activities? 

I have finished off the year with another nail art post. I know this is coming on Christmas Eve, and you probably have lots of things planned, BUT if you do need a break from the chaos of it all, or if you just can’t hear “sooooo any new guys in your life?!” from one more relative, hide away and watch this video.

It’s 25 minutes long so it will give you a nice little break. However, I did try to move the camera to make it easier to take a video without knocking my phone over, which resulted in it having a great shot of my desk but also of my left hand being in the way almost the entire video. Next time, I’ll try for the other side of the desk haha.

There are some solid rambling moments though! I was bored and all alone in my house so I could just talk about whatever without the fear of anyone overhearing me and thinking that I was going bananas. And boy did I take advantage of it!

Speaking of bananas: Why is it that my voice always sounds so weird in videos….like I listen/watch the final product once it’s been uploaded onto my youtube channel and I always think to myself “this does not sound like me at all!” but I guess it does since it is me talking. Right? Right.

Here is the inspiration picture:


And here’s the clip. I’ll put just one affiliate link in the bottom, the gel nail starter kit I bought a year and a half ago. It comes with 5 polish colours, plus the base/top coats, some starter tools and the lightbox. It’s a great deal and I love it.

Gel Polish starter kit

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