15 thoughts on “Baking fun!

  1. Cookies have been giving me trouble the last couple of years. They spread flat, even ball shaped cookies. My sister gave me a 4 ingredient peanut butter cookie that worked for me and I just baked a sour cream sugar cookie that surprised the hell out of me. Baked great. Maybe next year I’ll work up to cut outs…maybe lol.

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    • This was a classic Betty Crocker Scottish shortbread. 3 ingredients – butter, sugar and flour. It was simple to follow but they didn’t roll very nicely or come together very nicely either. Betty let me down a little bit on this one. It was from my mom’s Betty Crocker book that is older than her marriage and is falling apart. She bought me my own version last year for Christmas so maybe whatever is in the new book would work better? I’ll have to try it to see.

      And Merry Christmas to you as well! Thanks for stopping by! 😀


    • Our gingerbreads used to turn out that way too until my mom changed Betty Crocker’s recipe. I know that sounds like a cardinal sin but she just cut the flour down a little and it totally worked!!! These were just Scottish Shortbreads. Easy peasy and super soft to eat

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