4 Post type of day

This is what happens when I wake up at 6 am on my day off.

I can blame it on Christmas excitement. I think I will.

Be prepared there will be 4 posts. This counts as one. There were only going to be 2 but there will be another password post. 2nd one in 48 hours! Just a reminder that they don’t appear in the reader so if you need to be reminded of them, you’ll have to change your settings to get posts emailed to you.

And bonus: it snowed last night! So happy right now! Its almost Christmas!!!!!

11 thoughts on “4 Post type of day

  1. I understand. I honestly thought I would be posting more of my random thoughts. I mean, I guess I could… My poetry and stories seem to take over a lot of my posting. I guess that’s okay. I mean they are my thoughts I suppose.

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    • Lol they dont go up very often. And they dont get posted to the reader so lots of people miss it. And of course you are invited!! But you need to email me first so I can send it to ya. Hit up my contact me page and I’ll hook you up


    • Where my parents are got a lot (the picture). They definitely get a LOT of lake affect snow – roads closed for a few days, wake up to a foot or more type deal. Toronto only had a few cms when I left last night. Which you can see on Sunday in my nail art video 😀


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