Can you hear me screaming?

Because it’s super loud…and annoying…

I came home from work today to an amazing little package sitting on the kitchen table for me. It was from Bowfield. Click the link to check them out. I talked about them when I wrote about visiting the Christmas market on the 8th. I have no affiliation with them at all other than the fact that I love them.

I ordered two clips from them and had them made special. I now have a cupcake and an elf with the clips on the left. Ya see I wear hear clips on the left side of my head. Headbands will be worn so that the decoration is off centre to the left. So I needed to order them special.

And the package arrived today.

And it had my cupcake and my elf, AND a simple pink bow!

I’m going to pay no attention to the fact that the items are listed as “cute newborn clips” and “baby girl clips”.

It doesn’t matter that I’m more than halfway through being 30 and will be rocking the elf tomorrow for the entire day. I love them. And I love looking cute.


I literally can’t get enough of them! THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!!


stephen moyer ultraviolet GIF

literally me


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