2017 Advent Calendar Day 18

It’s time to crack open your advent calendars at home, and it’s time for the 2nd annual No Love For Fatties Advent Calendar. 

Last year, I focused on music, and this year I’m going to focus on movies. I know – totally generic but whatever. I love Christmas movies!! And more so, the classics, the originals, the super obscure ones that I grew up watching on old VHS that we taped from the tv (yeah we totally did – don’t pretend you didn’t either!). Each day, there will be a post featuring a new movie that I enjoy watching. Maybe next year I’ll do something a little more original

Please note: there will be LOTS of gifs used so if you find them annoying, you have been warned.

Today’s movie is: Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

If you don’t have time to watch the whole movie, this gif set shows the whole thing.

mr magoo GIF

First of all, I’m just going to say that there are WAY too many adaptations of this novel. Like how many more do we need? Do we really need one done by every. single. outlet. possible? The answer to that is NO. No, we don’t. One or two is enough. Stop making new ones. It’s been done to death.

But I make an exception for two and only at Christmas. I’m not a fan of the story just because and based on the fact that it is so overdone, but Mr. Magoo occupies a little place in my heart.

Ya see – growing up we always had this Mr. Magoo cupid doll that my dad kept in his home office (which I just tried to find on google and now I will have nightmares from all the creepy dolls they suggested). Anyway – so apparently this cupid toy was a Valentine’s day gift from my mom to my dad. Either their first valentine’s day together or their first after they got married. I don’t know. It was cute.

update: here’s a picture of it, because I went home for the holidays and forced my dad to find it for me but really for you. 



my parents are too cute! 


Hence – Mr. Magoo rocks and I must watch this Christmas Carol every year. And now you can too!

PS: Christmas is now just one week away!!! Only SIX more posts for my advent calendar!

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