2017 Advent Calendar Day 13

It’s time to crack open your advent calendars at home, and it’s time for the 2nd annual No Love For Fatties Advent Calendar. 

Last year, I focused on music, and this year I’m going to focus on movies. I know – totally generic but whatever. I love Christmas movies!! And more so, the classics, the originals, the super obscure ones that I grew up watching on old VHS that we taped from the tv (yeah we totally did – don’t pretend you didn’t either!). Each day, there will be a post featuring a new movie that I enjoy watching. Maybe next year I’ll do something a little more original

Please note: there will be LOTS of gifs used so if you find them annoying, you have been warned.

Today’s movie is: The Christmas Angel

So I’m starting to think that I should have said that this list was TV Specials…that would have made more sense.

The Christmas Angel is based on the cartoon For Better or For Worse. It’s written by the same lady who does the cartoon so it’s all the same characters.

Image result for for better or worse cartoon

provided via google

Again, this was a TV special that aired when I was a child. I’m not sure when, but it was on one of the VHS tapes that we had with all our Christmas specials on it.

It’s about a middle child feeling like she can’t do anything right and being ignored. She goes sledding and gets lost but finds a kind stranger to help her out. Her family panics after finding her hat on one side of a half-frozen river, thinking that her sled went into the water and she was pulled into the river.

But in the end, it all works out, she’s ok, Christmas isn’t ruined after all.

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