Bad Life Choices

Apparently, even at 30 years old, I am still making bad life choices. Basically, all of them made yesterday.

As we all know, I’ve started working longer days just to cover a vacation at work. It means that I’m totally exhausted when I come home (yesterday I was washing dishes for about 3 hours…) but I am having GREAT sleeps. Strange dreams, but great sleeps.

Maybe this new “great sleep, strange dreams” thing is affecting my judgement and thus, I am making bad life choices.

When my kids are acting up, or deciding to eat literally every chocolate in their advent calendar on the first day, or playing soccer in the house, or baseball in the house with a tennis ball and a piece of extra wood edging for the walls, I always say “make a better choice.” The kids have all the tools they need to make these better choices, and sometimes it works. Sometimes it results in the soccer ball being taken away, hidden, and them losing their tablet privileges for the day.

Last night, 4th was talking to me. Her class is going to the movies on Friday and she wanted her mom to be a parent volunteer. She had asked me in the van when I picked her up from school, but I told her to ask her mom first.ย Her mom couldn’t guaranteeย that she could make it so she turns to me “T – can you come?! My whole class loves you! They knowย all about you. I told them you’re my family.”

Um…how am I supposed to say no to that?! Her little puppy eyes, her telling her class that I’m part of her family – my heart has melted. I’ll never be the same!!

So I read the permission form. It’s on my day off so I technically can go. I’m wanting to make an effort to be there for more things with the kids that I’m not getting paid to be around for. So I say yes. I sign the paper, and the mom is going to pay for my ticket.

Then 4th does her evil laugh, RUNS through the house. slips on the stairs, yells “I’m fine!!!” and then starts crying because she noticed that she skinned her leg and there is a scrape the size of a dime now bleeding. She’s too excited over this.

And then when she asks if she can tell her teacher that I’ll be there, I was all “yes honey bunny. I’ve already signed the paper. I hope you will behave so I don’t regret it.” And again the evil laugh. I’m regretting it already!

Then her sister, 2nd, turns to me and says “T – you need to learn to make better choices.”

UM HELLO! Throwing my words right back in my face.

“Was this a bad life choice?”


And then just as I’m about to leave, I get asked to stay late tonight. The parents want a date night. So I’ll be going in early, plus regular work, plus staying late.

And I was driving in the slush and slippery fresh snowfall yesterday (ps: SO FREAKING HAPPY that we finally have snow!!) with a van that doesn’t have snow tires on, and the tires that it does have on have low air pressure and slip when the road is wet. Oh yeah…I’m pretty sure I had 100 heart attacks over the course of the hour and a half I was out. I hate driving in the winter when the roads are all snowy like that. Especially going down a steep hill with that van.




I think I need to stop making decisions for myself. Anyone want that job? Please send a full resume and cover letter and 3-5 references to my email by Christmas. Position starts January 1st.

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