ChristKindl Market

Yes, that is a word – don’t try to correct me. 

After working an extra 15 hours in one week, I took my day off on Friday and headed to my hometown to see my bestest friend and for us to experience a German Christmas market – which she had never been to! Obviously, that had to be fixed, and we fixed it!

It started off with me trying to get from Toronto to Kitchener without renting a car. Which should be easy, since the GO bus/train system has been running between the two for about 7 or 8 years at least. But I literally had to call the Go bus people because I couldn’t understand their website (maybe that’s a me problem and not a them problem…)

I left from the station closest to my house, and made it to Kitchener right before lunch. The only thing is that I had to switch buses in Brampton. The trip took 2 hours instead of 1 if I drove, but whatever it was enjoyable and I had my Christmas playlist on my phone to listen to the whole way there.

We started the day off by getting lunch. German food is the best. I was all excited for apple fritters (a specialty) but I didn’t notice any of the stands selling them. And yes – I was just going to eat apple fritters for lunch. Don’t judge me! You haven’t tried them! I think they are only available during Oktoberfest which sucks. But whatever. We had a schnitzel plate for lunch and it was AUH-MAZING.

Image may contain: food

Then we set off to explore the market. There was a stall outside with two little donkeys. The one in the back had this look of “omg I hate this…why am I out in the cold!!” but he was sooo cute! And he knew it. Just look at that face.

Image may contain: horse and outdoor

Inside was a Christmas wonderland! Stalls selling all sorts of handmade items. It was amazing.

There was a tree with these little elves in it, and they were super creepy but still kind of cute? Their creepiness pulled you in.

Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: 1 person

And then, of course, the adorable little gnomes!! I love gnomes!! Almost as much as I love hippos!

No automatic alt text available.

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Image may contain: one or more people

We passed by this little stall selling hair clips and I just HAD to stop. I literally could not leave without buying one. I chose this cute little cupcake:

No automatic alt text available.

And YES it is technically listed on their Etsy site as for a “newborn” but whatever it’s adorable and I look adorable wearing it. The clip is on the wrong side, but once I figured out a way around that it was all good. I even placed an order via their Etsy site the very next morning! Since I had been shopping at the market, I was even given a code for free shipping on any orders over $10 which is AWESOME. They even agreed to put the clip on the opposite side of the pieces that I ordered. They are super great. Check them out – they are called Bowfield Studio. I have no affiliation with them at all – just love them.

The bestest and I then went to see a movie, Bad Mom’s Christmas, which was funny! Not as funny as the first but still decent. It ended about 10 minutes before a bus was set to leave Kitchener so we decided to get dinner to wait it out until the next bus was set to depart. It was great! We didn’t have to rush and we even had time to exchange gifts after.

She loves Anne of Green Gables (just like I love hippos) so I found an Anne of Green Gables cookbook for her. But she made my gift. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE anything handmade (which is why I love Swarovski crystals over diamonds because they are all handmade). Every year the bestest and I seem to trade off on the handmade things. Last year I did something handmade for her, and this year she did it for me.

No automatic alt text available.

Isn’t it just perfection!? Please ignore the reflection of my ceiling in it haha. Once my Christmas table is all put away, it will be displayed there. I love it so much!

She also indulged my nail polish addiction by gifting me a new colour.

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Waiting for the bus trip back home, I was able to have a glimpse at some lights in Victoria Park, which is always lit up for the holidays in the most amazing way. A great end to a super great day!

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12 thoughts on “ChristKindl Market

  1. Sounds like a great day! We have a Christkindle market here, too. The hubs and I try to make it every year; we drink the mulled wine and buy an ornament for our tree, but things are so busy this year that I don’t know if we’ll make it!

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  2. It does sound like a great day. I have had German food before, from the restaurant in Gibson city Illinois; The owners were from Germany. I love that food, and cannot get it down here in Louisiana.

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