A few changes happening

Just a few…hopefully they won’t affect too many people. 

At my work, there is a crack team of workers who join together to make sure that two houses with a combined total of 19 people (and then the animals) function with as few mishaps as possible. But this last week has been a bit bananas.

As I posted last week, the horrible moved out on Thursday! Well, that meant that her job has been left empty. She did a few things, most importantly took care of two older women. So that’s being filled soon we hope! Their nurses still come to the house every day but now we all have to be listening for the doorbell. She was also what was called a “house helper”. She made breakfast for the four students living here and tidied up and the like. That’s another position that has been lacking.

Then, on Tuesday, the cook/cleaner for the other house went on vacation for 6 weeks. She works SO hard and so many hours, she totally deserves to take a vacation. And she hasn’t been home to the Carribean in about 4 years, so she really deserves a vacation. Down another spot.

When I heard that the vacation was happening, I automatically volunteered some of my time. So I’ve been a little bit busier lately. I go to work two hours early and help to do the cleaning that is lacking now. There is another lady who used to work here who is back to do the house helper job that was left vacant. But she only does Monday-Friday.

After my year review, my boss asked if I wanted to pick up the position of house helper, but she called it “house mother” hehe. Breakfasts, clean-up, house meetings, plan some game nights etc. And after thinking about it, I said yes. It’s not a lot of extra work, I just have to wake up a little earlier and a lady comes every 2 weeks and cleans every inch of the place from top to bottom so the cleaning isn’t that much either.

So basically what I’m saying is that I’m going to have less time in the near future. Right now I hardly have any time at all because I’m going to work so early, and on the weekends I’m feeding the students and cleaning, but I’m trying to work it out. I don’t want this blog to suffer – I will most definitely be replying to all your comments on my posts! I do read all your posts, but with my limited time, I might not be able to be as engaging as I have been in the past with your writing – and that sucks! I love reading the blogs that I subscribe to, and to those who I don’t and just randomly pop into their blogs from time to time. I’ve started just letting my email build up just so I don’t miss anything.

I hope that this transition goes well for me and that once the vacation is over (in early January) I’ll be able to get a nice routine of early mornings, housework, and then blog work, figured out without too much disruption to how I like to run things here at NLFF.

Please bear with me as I figure it out!

8 thoughts on “A few changes happening

    • No I don’t think I do 😕 my first job is a nanny so its a little housework but mostly homework and well being for the kids. Some days im all over the place going to tutors and lessons and running all over the house folding clothes and doing dishes. Other days I spend hours snuggled on a couch watching Netflix lol

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