I’ve started doing this thing…

Where I get my kidlets to correct my behaviour.

Have you ever done that? Asked someone to be your accountability partner? And have that somebody been a child? They are all over it like white on rice! Although, I haven’t been corrected once yet.

I’ve noticed that I say “omg” a lot (like a lot a lot). And last week, my youngest munchkin said it in frustration, crying after her dad took something away from her. The next day, I challenged the kids to catch me saying it. They don’t get a prize or anything but they are always listening! And a chance to tell their nanny to watch her language is a golden opportunity.

I also find myself distracted by my phone a lot at work. So when I get there, I turn off my wifi. I don’t need it. So I only get texts or phone calls. You know – lile a regular phone! The first day was hard….I would double tap the screen to check for new emails or notifications but now its better. I’m liking the disconnect! I get work done faster if I’m not distracted in comment tag or reading new posts that come up. It does mean it takes me longer to reply to things but that’s ok too. I haven’t missed anything important yet.

But I’ve noticed that once I told the kids I’ve wanted to correct these behaviours in myself, I haven’t needed their corrections to make me stop. It’s like telling them was enough. I guess the first step really is admitting you have a problem!

Hello – my name is T. And I am addicted to WordPress notifications and saying omg like the most basic of white chicks.

9 thoughts on “I’ve started doing this thing…

  1. When I was younger, I got in the horrible habit of saying like all. the. time. My mom started repeating like after every time I said it to prove a point, and it pissed me off. So much so, that I stopped. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Oooo like is another one of my filler words. In teachers college I had to break the habit of saying “retarded” I didn’t even realise I was doing it most of the time “gah this weather is so retarded” type deal. It only took my classmates a few days of saying “stop!!” For me to quit lol

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  2. LOL… My 11-year-old and my 14-year-old will tell me when I swear. I am an old hippie and street kid and well, I swear on too many occasions. They have no problems letting know.
    “DAD, you are swearing!” I’ll hear time to time ring through the house!

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