2017 Advent Calendar

It’s time to crack open your advent calendars at home, and it’s time for the 2nd annual No Love For Fatties Advent Calendar. 

Last year, I focused on music, and this year I’m going to focus on movies. I know – totally generic but whatever. I love Christmas movies!! And more so, the classics, the originals, the super obscure ones that I grew up watching on old VHS that we taped from the tv (yeah we totally did – don’t pretend you didn’t either!). Each day, there will be a post featuring a new movie that I enjoy watching. Maybe next year I’ll do something a little more original

Please note: there will be LOTS of gifs used so if you find them annoying, you have been warned.

Today’s movie is: The Twelve Days of Christmas


Image result for twelve days of christmas cartoon

provided via google


This is one of my all-time favourite movies! I have watched it so many times I have lost count. And not just at Christmas either! You can find me watching this 25-minute cartoon all year long.

The movie is about this total jerkface knight trying to win the hand of a princess. Isn’t that how all love stories start? hehe! She will only marry someone who makes her laugh.

Anyways, the knight is a loser and super lazy so he sends his squire to get the princess’s Christmas list. Instead, the squire steals the answers to that week’s crossword puzzle! Classic Hollyberry – always screwing up.

Each day, Hollyberry, the squire, needs to bring all the items to the princess, who is having none of it BTW! Oh, and did I mention she’s allergic to feathers?! Mix that with all versions of music (barbershop quartet all the way to Elvis, Michael Jackson, and the Supremes [I think? I’m not sure…Dianna Ross?]) and you’ve got a very entertaining cartoon.

I think that if we all want to remain friends, you have to watch the movie. So I have generously provided a link for you. Yes, I know it’s a horrible quality. But I think that’s the perfect test of our relationship. Will you watch it? I really think you should!

OOOO and this happened over the weekend…


Just thought you should know 😉

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