Nail Art Sunday

Nail Stamps

This week I created a new design using my nail stamps. In the past, when using these stamps, I’ve had quite a number of issues. Mostly, the fact that the polish would dry before I could transfer it onto my nail. But for once, it actually worked! I wish I had used blue polish with a white stamp, but hindsight and all that hehe.

The stamper that I used, I purchased as part of a combo (brushes, gems, stamper, dotting tools). You can find that here. Of course, it was provided via VAGA. I love their store for nail art supplies.

If you don’t want the whole package deal, you can find various other nail stamps:

From VAGA – just the stamper, not the rest of the items.

Fashion Class


Just to name a few. 🙂

*all links created here are Amazon Affiliate links.*

7 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday

  1. I envy your patience in painting your nails. I have 0 patience to wait for it to dry so I think I paint my nails once a year tops. Like, somone needs to be getting married for me to paint my nails. You are so talented with this stuff.

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