Oh happy day!

happy day GIF by Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director

Guess what peeps!!

The annoying person I lived with who I hated and who was asked to “move on” to another place of employment MOVED OUT!


I didn’t even have time to prepare for this. Wednesday night she said she had a few choices of places, Thursday morning she was packing, and by the time I arrived home from work last night she was gone. Her room is empty!

I was preparing to be around her until I left for Christmas with my family. This is all so fast!

Now the only downside is that until the PSW position is filled, I’m basically a house mother to 4 teenagers. I have to be up and have them fed and do their dishes. But that’s ok. We will have a new PSW soon. I hope. Cross your fingers peeps. I don’t want to get up and be in charge of answering doorbells at 7am to let nurses in. I need my sleep. BUT on the other side, with the other older ladies going out today, I have the entire house all to myself…I can totally nap! Without earplugs!!!

We also had a new teen move in last night. So we’ll have a little bit of an adjustment period with her too. But it will all be ok.

I feel so light and happy today!

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