Shopping with children

I have never felt more like a mom than I did yesterday. 

I was in my room about an hour before heading out to work and I got a text message from my boss asking if I could take her mom and sister grocery shopping in the evening. Of course, I said yes. But my boss also said to plan on taking 1st and 2nd with me. Initially, I thought this would be an amazing idea. They are the older two, are mature enough not to go bananas in the store and 2nd is the most helpful caring person. 1st, if she even agreed to go, would be on her new iPod the whole time (she actually left it in the van!!! Fully engaged with the other people!!)

Only the sister was able to go, which I think probably made the trip a little easier. Only one walker to take in and out of the car! And the girls were great with helping. I was able to do my own grocery shopping, PLUS hit up the dollar store for a few things, all before the trio in the grocery store hit their half-way point. After putting all my stuff into the van, I walked around with the other three.

The girls were helpful, but also silly. Bumping bums together, friendly pushing and shoving, every time the cart had to be backed up a “beep beep beep” started, almost knocking into the end displays full of glass jars, not REALLY being aware of other shoppers.

I text my mom from inside the store “sorry for all the grocery store shenanigans from my youth” She needed more of an explanation, which I gave her later, but oh my goodness. They weren’t being bad – just energetic.

To any and all parents who do this on a weekly basis (or more often!) I salute you! I don’t know how you do it. I only had to be part of the group for half the shopping trip and I was on edge the whole time lol.

But I did technically get paid to do my own grocery shopping. And since we were using the van, I was able to get a few heavy things I normally wouldn’t – hello Mr. Jar of Pickles. 

The rest of the night carried on in the same “feeling like a mom” fashion. After dinner and doing dishes, I sat with 2nd while she did her homework – I was fixing a rip in her winter coat and one in her mitten. We talked about school and WWII and the Cold War and firing squads – you know, good wholesome dinner table talk.

Their dad got home before the mom so I was able to leave on time. I’m working an extra 6 hours already this week so I’m trying not to stay late on any other days. I get home, and there is literally no toilet paper in the whole house! I text the mom and 3rd has the phone. He texts back saying they picked some up and asked which house to meet me at. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I am so glad that I put my wig back on because before ya know it, I had 3rd and 4th in my room.

They admired my Christmas tree and advent calendar. I got my first Christmas card in the mail so we opened it together. I also got two Lego figures in the mail that I ordered – A Grinch and the clown from IT.

No automatic alt text available.

Now we all know I hate clowns – but that was ordered for Mr. Potential…it’s probably going to 4th now. She loves the creepy little thing. They then walked around in my shoes – 4th in my 1-inch heeled boots, and 3rd (yes the boy!) in my flat boots. They found my singing and dancing hippo. I’m just glad they didn’t find their family Christmas present! Then the other 2 kids showed up, and the dogs!!! Ooo I knew something was up BIG TIME.

I get called out to the kitchen, and there, looking so perfect was the ENTIRE family! Dad, mom, all 4 kids, both dogs, the grandma and aunt singing “Happy anniversary” for me! It was sooooo sweet! They also bought my flowers, which I posted a picture of last night. Hugs were given, pictures and videos were taken (of me in my pjs no less!) and it was a great surprise. I was so overwhelmed.

Now to get wrapping some presents so I don’t have to have a mini-heart attack every time someone comes in my room!

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