Milestone Moment

I can not believe that I made it this far. 

For once, my milestone moment doesn’t have to do with this blog, but actually my job.

It’s been a full year since I started my new job. I thought it was today, but it was actually yesterday. Silly me. I literally just realized right now since I wanted to link to the posts that I wrote last year about it: Life Lately #27 and Day One.

And what a year it has been! I literally have never been happier in a job. And sure I made more working full time at Tim Hortons, but I was working 12 hours more a week than I am right now. But I’m happy. Like really happy. I didn’t know that a job could make a person feel so happy. Ok, enough with the happy’s. Don’t get me wrong, it does have it’s moments (this has been a really off week for 3rd specifically), but overall such a great fit.

While re-reading my posts from a year ago, I think that all my hopes in the Life Lately post were met. I adjusted to this new job and life and it really does fit me. Reading Day One again, I no longer do the whole online teaching thing (thank goodness!), but I am re-watching Gilmore Girls again…hmmms funny how that works out!

I’ll be resigning contracts probably tomorrow (in all honesty, I don’t remember signing them last year…I don’t think that I did), and looking forward to the next year with this family!

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