It’s beginning to look a lot of Christmas

I’m in full Christmas mode peeps! 

Yesterday I planned out my Christmas blogging idea. Last year I did a musical advent calendar, so this year I’m going to try again. Not with music but with movies. Each day in December there will be a post about a Christmas movie that I enjoy watching.

But that got me thinking: I need an actual advent calendar. So today I went out and bought one. I didn’t want just one of those small cheap chocolate ones that you can get for a dollar at any dollar store. So I bought a Lindt one. It was a little more expensive but that’s ok.

Since I was out already, I decided to purchase a gift from my list of people that I need to buy for. This one was for my nanny family. I wanted to give them something they could do together, that anyone from the 8-year-old all the way up to the dad could enjoy. Naturally, this meant a board game. I picked out “Get a Grip“** which I think is going to provide them with a lot of silly moments.

Then I got distracted…by the Christmas decorations section…It’s so bad! I need to be supervised at all times. I kept repeating in my head “I am not buying for me…I am not buying for me…” And then….I bought for me!!


Legit you guys – I physically could not leave the store without getting a tree. Just a tiny little tree!!! She’s 24 inches tall, with clear mini-lights, and I picked up some red ornaments and silver glittery twists. She still needs a decoration on the top but I’m not sure what that will be just yet. Though she be tiny, she be beautiful!!


Now all I need is a little Christmasy tablecloth or something to go over the dresser I have her on, and wrap some presents and my Christmas corner will start to look more festive!!


**this is an affiliate link**

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