Nail Art Sunday

Ombre nails with a stencilled accent. 

Hey guys! This week I decided to attempt an ombre design on my nails. This is the first time I attempted it with regular polish. Because I like taking on more than I should, I also decided to try out my nail stencils for the first time using regular polish AND using white glue to protect my skin – also a first attempt. Please be advised there is a little bit of singing as well as some random talking about random things in this video. Want to know my parents’ song? The one they danced to at their wedding? It’s in there – about 5 minutes in.

Just like last week, and the majority of my future nail art posts, here is a list of products that are featured in my video. Please be advised that these are mostly affiliate links, and should you purchase any of the items, I may make a small commision off of them.

Nail Stencils: TOPBeauty was the seller that I went with and I love their product. I can cut one sticker in half and it does two nails. I still want to try to see if I can reuse a sticker on a different nail. VAGA has a set as well.

Polish Colours: For the white, I used Essie 008, but couldn’t find it on Amazon. However, here is a white colour to substitute. For the ombre, I used China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle, and That’s Shore Bright. 

Other products you will need:

  • Nail polish remover, I use Acetone. Honestly, head to Walmart for this one guys! The huge bottle I bought, which I’ve had for a year and still haven’t run out after using it ALL THE TIME was $3. I use 100% Acetone. Even with regular polish. You’ll thank me for that.
  • White glue – dollar store peeps! Seriously. Or if you want the real stuff, check out this Amazon link for Liquid Latex.
  • Make-up sponges – dollar store!
  • Paintbrush for glue – let’s all say it together, shall we? DOLLAR STORE.
  • Angled makeup brush – I got mine at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I have it in the acetone all the time so I had to make sure it was a good quality one. I paid around $15 for mine, but it was worth the investment.
  • Pump bottles for liquids.

I also used a base coat and a top coat in my video. These were both purchased in South Korea, but you can find them at The Face Shop locations in both Canada and the US.

10 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday

    • Thanks G!! I actually ended up liking the thumbs after a day or two. After I ended the video I grabbed the sponge and went over the icky parts before the top coat and fixed them. It wasnt an ombre like the other nails, but still cute

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  1. Thanks for the tip about the white glue! I’ll have to remember that! I need to do my toes soon! Do you have any tips on something that easily removes old polish? This is one thing I hate to do, that’s why I rarely 💅 paint my nails.


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