A little happier

Yesterday, everyone was happy that it was Thanksgiving or the day before Black Friday sales (yes, we have them here in Canada too!) But today – today I am even more happy than I was yesterday. 

And I’m happy for horrible reasons. Well, I guess one out of the two reasons is horrible. I’m only going to write about the horrible one. The other one is just a choice I made to make my life happier. It’s nothing to write about.

Remember how I’ve been complaining about the horrible person that I live with? Read about her here and here. Some additional things have been happening that have just pushed me to my limit. I have tried being nice because we live together and I hate the tension that comes from not liking someone that you live with, but some people just grate on every single last nerve! And she is one of those people. I literally haven’t been speaking to her for about two weeks. It’s been ghosting while still living in the same house with her. But when someone scolds me for the order in which I stack plates in the cupboard or for not saying a verbal good morning to an almost empty kitchen (I waved at the people who looked up when I walked in), I am either going to blow up or freeze you out.

Last weekend, I came home from church and someone was in the bathroom. I share a bathroom with two other people: a student and this lady. So I’m in my room, in the back corner, and all I hear is this lady come out from her room, see the door to the bathroom is closed and then she just goes “ARRRGGGGGGGG. *Student’s name*!!!” and walks off in a huff and slams her bedroom door. I’m going to fully accept my place in the world as horrible human and admit that this made me so happy. Having her be inconvenienced and irritated made my day better.

Like a lot better.

See? Horrible human being!!!!

Last night, just as I was going to leave work with the person who cleans and cooks over at the other house, our boss pulled us into her office. She didn’t look too happy, or energetic so I didn’t know what was happening. She sat both of us down and said that she was just informing us that there was a staffing change – that this lady has been asked to leave! WOO to the HOO. Like it’s about freaking time. I honestly am shocked she lasted as long as she did. She’s so selfish and self-centred and unyielding and unwilling to do anything more than exactly what she believes is “her job”. Definitely not the right person to be here when you have to be flexible in both hours and responsibilities.

She’s been given about 4-6 weeks to find a new place to live, which is really generous in my mind. But also understandable because she does have to find housing, which can be difficult, but she’s also been looking at apartments for at least 4 months now. She is still working during that time, and today she was actually up and in a pretty great mood. Which is a little disconcerting…but better than a horrible mood I guess!

So today I am a little happier and have further solidified my identity as a horrible person.

15 thoughts on “A little happier

  1. Non Mon Cheri not a horrible person, this other has been given plenty of opportunity to play nice in the sandpit!! It is okay to be happy that a toxic person is being removed from your life, in fact it is perfectly appropriate!!

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    • Thanks for the support Jad! Im literally counting the days until she leaves and hoping against hope that the next person is better. Like basically only Lucifer himself would be worse but I think she’s still lazier than he would be

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