Rotating Bad Days

If we all remember last Monday – nothing really seemed to be going my way. This week, that changed, and yesterday was my bad day. Let’s all remember this next week and see if the bad day gets moved to Wednesday.

So here’s a list of all the bad things that happened yesterday:

  • Before going to the dentist, my whole face hurt so freaking much. I had a headache
  • The dentist was grinding down the bite on my crown, and he dropped his drill, while it was still on. It bounced off some teeth and literally poked a hole in the underside of my tongue. It was bleeding. He said it was deeper than he would like so if it didn’t stop bleeding to come back and he would put a stitch in it.
  • I didn’t get a cleaning because my benefits only cover one cleaning every 9 months.
  • The bleeding didn’t stop after being home for an hour so I called the office to tell them I was coming back.
  • As soon as I was on the bus, my dentist called. He had talked to his colleague and it was decided that they couldn’t put a stitch in it. So no need to come.
  • Got off the bus after 2 stops and walked home – while walking and texting I stepped on some broken sidewalk weird and rolled my ankle. Now have the start of an amazing bruise, and a tweaked back all night.
  • Had to take the bus with 1st to her tutoring with an added 15 minutes of walking there and back to get to the library with my sore foot.
  • I walked right by the mall Santa and didn’t get a picture with him. I am in full regret mode right now.
  • Was almost in tears eating dinner because of the new hole in my tongue.
  • Homework time: all 4 kids needed help. 2 sat in the kitchen, 1 in the office, one in the living room. Had to keep going “yes one second!” as each one yelled for help from a different room.
  • Had no idea how to do 1st’s math homework so the homestay students taught me how to do it – the 15-year-olds laughed at me for not knowing.
  • Stayed an hour late and 2nd still wasn’t done her math

Now…that’s a lot of horrible for one day. Add to it that the internet isn’t really working today and you’d think that life was crashing down on me. But who would I be if I didn’t focus on some positives?

  • Met my new dentist! He even called at 8 pm to check in on how I was doing. That was nice.
  • Recommended my tattoo artist to the hygienist. She was loving on my hippo and I shared the love right back! Gave her my girl’s Instagram information so she could check her out.
  • If this sanding down of my crown to create a better bite pressure on the crown works, I won’t have to rip the crown off and redo the root canal. *fingers crossed peeps!*
  • I now think I know what it would have felt like if I pierced my tongue when I was younger. I really wanted to until I was about 17/18. I’m glad I never did.
  • I now know how much my tongue moves while eating and drinking and talking.
  • I found out that the library 1st goes to for tutoring has SEVEN books written by Gail Carson Levine – the same author as Ella Enchanted. 2nd loved that book so much that I am reading the other books written by Levine to see if 2nd would like them too. I have 4 out now and will be sucked into a world of fantasy for the next little bit. I’ve already finished one. It took an hour.
  • 1st actually asked for help with her homework. She never asks for help. I didn’t have to repeatedly ask her to get started. She brought her books to the kitchen without being told to. She even asked for a few more practice questions just to make sure she understood enough to keep going.
  • The Asian students helping me with grade 8 math because I have blocked it out of my brain like a horrible repressed memory. Now I have to re-teach myself to keep helping 1st.
  • So much walking!! Walking home from my dentist appointment, halfway home after trying to get the stitch, walking to and from the buses for tutoring, plus all the walking from one kid to the next for homework help, to and from work.
  • This morning my tongue isn’t in as much pain, I don’t have a headache, my cheek muscles don’t hurt, and it didn’t hurt to floss like it has for the last little while.

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