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I think my face is going to fall off. 

For the hardcore Giggling Followers, you will remember that in the summer of 2016 I had a root canal while living in South Korea. It was actually probably the best decision at the time. When I was home for a vacation, my Canadian dentist did tell me that I would need one. And getting in in South Korea meant that I would only be paying about half the price. That was pretty awesome. The English speaking dentist that I had was so far away from my apartment but it was worth it.

When I arrived back home in October of 2016, we had literally just finished up the whole procedure. It took six weeks of me going back and forth – mostly because I could only go on Saturdays. I didn’t have insurance at that time so I paid out of pocket for it. But thankfully, I was careful with my money and it didn’t hit me too hard.

Now, living in Canada, I have insurance coverage. Since I am technically self-employed as a nanny, I purchase this insurance for myself. It’s not *too* much, about $107 per month right now. Although I was informed in December that it will be going up to $117.

But my question is this: do I really NEED the benefits? Sure it feels great to go to the dentist, get my cleaning done and then get 80% of the money back into my bank account, but what about all those months that I don’t go to the dentist?

I’m thinking about this now because I just booked a dentist appointment. With a Toronto dentist. I love my dentist in Kitchener, but I need this done now and don’t want to try to get a Friday appointment 6 weeks from now in Kitchener.

I most definitely need a cleaning. I’ve been putting that off for far too long. When I was at my dentist in April, they said they saw a little dark spot under my root canal. This could just be it settling (almost a year later?) or it could be a little infection – if that was the case they could drill in to get the problem and not disturb the crown. They said to keep an eye on it and to keep my mind on how my jaw felt etc. I went back in July to have a chip fixed and they had a specialist see me. Now, for anyone reading this blog, it might not be very obvious but I am incredibly stubborn. So this American specialist sits down, and my tooth had been kind of hurting a little bit, so he sits there and we are chatting about how I got it done in South Korea and stuff and he goes “well the problem here is that you got it done in South Korea.” Which makes the stubbornness in me just stand STRAIGHT UP. The office where I got it done in Korea was more high tech than the one in Kitchener, and the lady who did it had probably completed all her schooling before this little whippersnapper was even out of diapers. How dare he sit there and tell me there is a problem just because I got it done in South Korea.

So anyways – I was told that he would have to do the whole thing ALL OVER AGAIN. Which is just plain bananas considering I was told at the last visit that they wouldn’t have to remove the crown.

Flash forward to now. I have ignored this tooth since April. Yeah….not the best choice, I know. But now it’s getting almost unbearable. And I think it’s giving me headaches. Like I have headaches all the time. And only since my tooth pain has started to increase.

Hence the dentist appointment tomorrow.

Now let’s flip back to benefits: I have them. I pay for them every month but I don’t use them every month. With the looming cost of fixing this tooth hanging over me, I’m freaking out. I know I will be getting some of it back from my insurance, but wouldn’t it just be better for me to take that payment money every month, and put it into a savings account for when things like this happen?

My friend’s husband has a super great job and they don’t have insurance. She says that they can just deal with whatever comes their way without having the pay the monthly premium. And ya know what – I’m starting to maybe agree. I would have to consciously put the money away each month. That’s not a big deal, I do it for taxes anyways and I have never touched that account. But I will probably have to just to cover the leftover of this dental bill and then put it back before tax time (no biggie). But wouldn’t it be better to just have the account sitting there with the monthly payment to delve into for cases such as these?

I’m on the fence guys. Any thoughts?

32 thoughts on “Health Benefits

  1. Insurance is a funny thing. It sucks ass paying premiums monthly, yes. It seems pointless. Until you need it. Dental work can get a bit pricey. Now, keep in mind, I’m in the US, where costs are outrageous and medical bills could bankrupt someone. I carry insurance. Even though I rarely need it. But, the fear of something major keeps me paying those premiums. Well, deducted from my check each payday, but still.

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  2. I live in Europe and health insurance surely works differently and may I say more effectively here. Health insurance is obligatory in my country and not an option like you have. But that’s why it works so well. I would suggest you view it as an investment for the future. Life is unpredictable and it would sure suck if something happened and you weren’t insured.

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    • Oh that sounds interesting – it being obligatory. I like having it, and it does give me peace of mind knowing that it’s there. Sometimes though I do think it’s a bit unnecessary for me. But you’re right – having it just in case is always a good idea, and why I got it in the first place.

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  3. Fella has been trying to convert me to sign up for a high deductible plan (less monthly payment, more out of pocket during visits), but I just can’t do it. My thought is if anything major happens, not only would I be dealing with whatever major it was that happened, I would then have to figure out the finances which would be an added stress. But I can what if all day. That’s the thing about insurance: there is no right answer and I hate that! Good luck with your tooth though. Mouth pain is the worst pain in my opinion.

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  4. Are the healthcare costs over there reasonable when you have to pay out of pocket? Over here, it is not wise to not have coverage. You never know when you will need it. What if you fall and break a bone? Get really ill and need to be in the hospital? Out of pocket costs are so high. Plus, when I was in the hospital, I got a huge credit for having insurance. I had to have a surgery and had to stay in the hospital for two days and I only had to pay around $1000 when it was all said and done. I am really lucky, because I have employer paid healthcare. I do not pay anything monthly. I think it is smart to have coverage, but your system over there is so different from ours.

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  5. I would never go without insurance, but I’m in the US. Also, in my state, medical is mandatory. Not sure about dental. My husband has the premium deducted from his pay but it’s partly paid by his employer. The dental isn’t that much. Plus, it’s for my entire family of 4. Without dental insurance, we’d be paying for 4 people out-of-pocket. Way more than we pay out to have the insurance… Oh, and I had to dish out $800 a few months ago for a procedure and that was AFTER what my dental insurance covered. I don’t even know what the total would have been if I had to pay the whole thing. No way I’d go without dental insurance.

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  6. It’s up to you. The thing about it is that you are paying for the just in case. Just like car insurance or home insurance. If you think you will save the money and not spend it then fine put it in a savings. If you think you’ll look at it as extra money then keep paying. Dental health is no joke because your tooth could get infected and spread to your blood stream and cause infection and death. Just be careful and take care of your oral health as well.

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