Would @TimGunn approve?!

Guys – I’m wearing pj’s to work today. On purpose. And no – it’s not a pj/movie day.


project runway GIF by Lifetime



To be perfectly honest, I love being comfortable. Who doesn’t?! Yesterday, my dad was going to be somewhat close to me and we were going to have lunch (he had to cancel because of work but whatever) so I got dressed up. The dress code for my day off usually involves yoga pants and shirt, but not for my daddy! I even put on more makeup than just mascara!

But then he couldn’t make it. Sadness, I know. Later, I was going to do my laundry, I decided to just get into pjs and wash what I was wearing. I had bought this new pj shirt about two months ago for winter but still hadn’t worn it. I put it on and BAM I looked really nice in it (can we all guess I didn’t try it on in the store?). It actually looks just like a regular sweater. And it’s SSSOOOOOO comfy! It had a little bow around the waistline but I’m just whimsical enough I think I can pull it off. So ya know what? I’m not going to wear it as a pj shirt. I’m going to break the rules and wear it as a regular shirt. It’s grey and has this black speckled weirdness going on. It’s pretty awesome.

Let’s make a sharp right turn and head from clothes to tv, shall we? It’s not too much of a jump since we’re going to talk about Project Runway. Now if you watch the show and haven’t seen the finale yet:




There will be spoilers.

Major spoilers.

I’m going to talk about the winner.




Is anyone still here?

I love Project Runway with all of my heart. I get so involved and I have my favourite designers and my opinions on all the clothes. I don’t think I’ve actually written about the show in any detail for two years. Since Ashley Neil Tipton won – their first plus-sized designer ever to win. Her collection was amazing.

This year, I was all caught up in the emotions and the drama of the show. It was the first time since I’ve been watching that someone was kicked off for cheating – measuring things in their own room after working time is over?! THE SCANDAL!


project runway television GIF by RealityTVGIFs

YAS Christopher Palu, I agree 


It was a great season, and the finale had 4 designers showing at fashion week.

I don’t want to get into too much detail but I loved the final runways. The best moment, which I think everyone can agree on, was when Margarita had her plus-sized model whip off her skirt and SLAY the rest of the runway in only a body suit. I normally don’t use this type of language but DAMN SON!!!!! It was amazing, and the model looked AUH-FREAKING-MAZING doing it. Bravo!!


Image result for margarita fashion week plus size model

SLAY SISTA! image provided via google and tamaratattles.com



Then it came down to who would win. I was a little surprised because going in, I thought the final two would be Brandon and Ayana. But the final two ended up being Ayana and Kentaro! My heart was racing!!! I hoped that Kentaro would win.

Like sure, Ayana had a good collection. She designs for the modest woman and it was full coverage for all her looks. She even did some head coverings for her models. They all looked nice but nothing WOW. Honestly, it was really boring for me to watch.


not impressed project runway GIF

me too boo, me too 


Kentaro…..wow man. The whole season I have been loving what he’s been doing. And then – THEN his final runway. Guys, it was so emotional. He wrote the music himself and it just flowed with his pieces. Amazing. And then – HE WON! He thought going into the final runway that he was out. That he wasn’t even a contender anymore and THEN. HE. WON. And the one piece that the judges didn’t like, was the piece he made after the preview and before fashion week.

I honestly wished that it had been Margarita and Kentaro for the final two, but we can’t have everything, now can we? I’m usually not this happy about the winner but I’m so happy this season!

Now onto Project Runway All-Stars in January. Which is like ok to watch. I’m not a big fan of the host. I wish Heidi would do it too.


18 thoughts on “Would @TimGunn approve?!

    • OOO I can wear slippers – mostly because I live in a house, but when I bring my own “indoor footwear” the new puppy chews it to bits, like he does with everyone else’s shoes. So I don’t. But this shirt didn’t look like a pj shirt. And it was so comfy. I loved it.


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