Online Dating Saga: The End

Or otherwise known as, Part XIII, or should it be XV? Who knows. After X, I’m basically just making up combinations of letters and hoping that it’s correct.

No, I haven’t found another guy. Not yet. Don’t worry. I don’t need that in my life right now. But I know a lot of you guys really enjoy reading about my romantic life…or lack there of…or the failures…

But I’ve made a decision: I’m taking a break. Now I know I said I was going to do this in my last online dating post, which was actually three. posts. long. (click each word for a different post, as always links open to a new page), but I’m actually going to do it.

Over the last two weeks, since Mr. Wonderful took a not so wonderful turn, and Mr. Potential has been being super flirty again, I’ve been thinking. I know, I know. A bad thing to do! Even though it was drastically needed.

Okies so here’s the slice of the pie: I get too emotionally attached way too easily. Anyone else out there like that? Like if a guy’s a complete jerk, that I have no problems being all “hit the road jack, and don’t ya make me take out my hoops to help you along the way” but guys who are actually decent and nice yet just not the right fit for me (case and point Mr. Potential and Mr. Wonderful), that’s harder for me. Part of me is all “ya know sweetie, you should give them a little more of a chance” but the other part, the one who is already taking off her weave and her hoops to knock some sense into me, is all “naw gurl, you good. Make your peace and leave it.” She’s kind of pushy sometimes.

So I’m leaving it. I’m taking a break. I’m making a definite closing of this series for the time being. At least until after the holidays. If and when I decide to get back into the world of online dating (only with the patience of the sweet baby Jesus, I might add) I might put up some more posts. The failures always get some good responses. But until then, I’m on dating vacation. A hiatus. A sabbatical. Any more words I could use to make this point?

Plus, if you guys follow my twitter (you really should – if you don’t, why not? Look me up! @noluvforfatties ) you’ll know that 4th has declared I have to marry Chris Evans (and really, who am I to argue with an 8-year-old?). Driving home last night after picking the kids up from school, 4th is in her seat and out of nowhere is all “T – I know who you should marry.” We tweeted him to get a start on that, but I also told her not to get her hopes up. So of course, she is already planning our wedding. There will be a chocolate fountain, and most likely my little 8-year-old will be the star of the show. Expect a massive shower of giggles throughout the entire ceremony. You are all invited.

17 thoughts on “Online Dating Saga: The End

  1. I’m doing the same thing after about 6 months of relentless “dating,” which was almost always just a first date and then the end. It’s honestly gotten to the point where it’s easier to just focus on myself. And after listening to friends rant about how frustrated they are with their relationships, it makes it easy to go to bed alone 🙂

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    • I started my online dating profile about 6 months ago. And actually only met two guys in person. But its been an exhausting 6 months lol. I’ve taken some time off here and there and now its time again. Especially after those two guys haha. Im glad I had the experience of them but like you said, its good to focus on yourself sometimes


  2. Good for you. Have a break and a but of time to relax.

    I don’t think it is a bad thing that you get attached easily. It means your heart is open when you do meet the right person. It’d be worse to find it hard to be attached to anyone. It means you are likely to get hurt BUT you’re also more likely to fall for someone. ❤

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    • I am most definitely taking a break! These last two weeks I thought maybe Mr Potential and I would be starting something again but we haven’t even planned to meet up yet and hes already frustrating me. 😣 Time to accept its done and move on!!

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