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Hey Giggling Followers, let’s have a discussion.Β 

I’ve been thinking of setting up an Amazon Affiliate account. Mostly for my nail art videos, since they have specific products and stuff in them. But I have noticed on other blogs that use them, not all but some, that they have a disclaimer saying that its an affiliate link.

What’s the deal with the disclosure? Is this a thing? Does one have to do it?

Do you have an affiliate account? Do you like it? Does it work well? Is it easy for a non-computer person like myself to set up and use properly?

Let me hear it, folks!

16 thoughts on “Affiliated Links

  1. I thought you have to…but maybe it depends on the law of the country you are based in?

    I wouldn’t trust us bloggers. Look it up and make sure you don’t do anything dodgy! πŸ˜€

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  2. I read recently that a lot of reality star were having their wrists slapped because of this issue. Basically, if you’re trying to sell a service or product using an affiliate link, you have to give full disclosure, which for many has just been to add #ad to their post. That’s as much as I know though.

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  3. I do think you have to disclose. I looked into the program but I never started using it. The main reason was that they close your account if you don’t generate any sales within a certain time frame. I can’t remember what it was. (I looked into this a while back.) I think if they close your account, you can reopen it, but I’m not certain if there’s some waiting period or a limit to how many times you can do that. Maybe forever… I don’t remember. Also, for me, I don’t have a particular sort of product that I would promote on my blog. I also had second (and third and fourth) thoughts because I didn’t want my posts to seem like I was just advertising something. I know that when I start reading a post and see that there is a particular product being promoted, I no longer feel like the post is sincere. But I’m cynical… and kind of a bitch. πŸ™‚ Anyway… obviously, my posts are generally quite personal. To throw in product promotion seems awkward…

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  4. An amazon affiliate account is best for beginners. WordPress also has plugins that can assist with creating links easier such as easyazon. For a disclosure, it is a thing. You do have to list a disclosure on every single page that you post an affiliate link.


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