A No Luck Day

Yesterday started off so well….

Like really well. I was in a good mood! Well, that doesn’t really mean anything since I’m usually in a good mood. But then it all started to stack up.

  1. There were no bowls in the house. Like literally no clean bowls. The “house helper” who lives here, who I have written about before, doesn’t do dishes on the weekend. She loads the dishwasher. Which would normally be fine. Except we have 4 students who live here and eat basically nothing but cereal and ramen on the weekends so there were no clean bowls.
  2. I got told how to stack the plates in the cupboard because apparently, I’m not doing it right.
  3. Get to work and instead of doing my regular routine I have to take the three oldest kids to choir which means I need to do the school pick up, get back to the house, drop off the youngest, pick up the oldest, AND drive across Toronto to drop the kids off, and then have over two hours of free time. Which I did btw! School is out at 3:30. Usually, 3rd is the last to the car and I have to wait like 45 minutes for him. But he was the FIRST to the car! We were home 5 minutes earlier than I was hoping. Dropped the kids off at choir on time and found a parking space so gold star for me. 
  4. Park the car, notice that the handicap sticker is in the car (it’s normally not) so I don’t have to pay for parking. I normally still would but I had no change. So I walk to the nearest Tim’s (2 minutes away no biggie), grab a drink and decide to use free wifi for the two-hour wait, texting Mr. Potential because we still talk all the time. For the record: this wasn’t bad. It just needed to be included in the timeline.
  5. Get a text from my boss saying that even though I have the sticker, maybe still put a little money in the metre. So I break a bill and head back after about 30 minutes. I get there and there is already a ticket on my window!
  6. I look at the ticket and it’s for parking in front of a fire hydrant! A FIRE HYDRANT! I literally parked, walked around to the passenger’s side of the car, put on my coat, my bag, locked up the car, walked away and didn’t notice the freaking fire hydrant! Mr. Potential laughs because ” you mean those BRIGHT YELLOW things?” – but not this one! It was all faded and blended into the scenery. I’m clearly not observant. And now I’m out $100.
  7. Moved the car, paid the metre and then had almost an hour and a half to just sit in it waiting the time out.
  8. Go to pick up the kids – “empty gas tank” light comes on while I’m waiting. Thankfully I don’t run out of gas before I get them and get to a gas station.
  9. At home, still have all my regular Monday stuff to do. Then 3rd gets home from soccer and he has homework. I offer to stay to help him, we rip apart his backpack looking for his paper which isn’t there. It doesn’t exist. Thank goodness his sister has the same teacher and we were able to piece it together from their memories and complete it.

Today, please be better to me.

10 thoughts on “A No Luck Day

    • Aww thanks! It totally does suck, but it was also totally my fault. I was literally standing like a foot away from the hydrant and I didn’t even clue into it. Silly me with my head in dreamland and my mind on 1200 other things haha!

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