Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

I had a day of emotional overload, so I’m going to share. 

Do we all remember over the summer, when I started dating Mr Potential? We got to go to the CNE for a super epic second date – but it was for free! He worked at a place which gave him free tickets. He said he also gets free passes for the Royal since he works it too. Perks peeps! Perks.

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So since we ended things, I wasn’t going to insist that he keep his word and take me to the fair (he did offer, on more than one occasion, to get me in) but I still wanted to go. I went today. He was working at a different job, so he wasn’t able to join me.

And it was magical.

Image may contain: horse and outdoor

It’s this indoor thing with LOTS of animals. The country girl in me was squealing with joy the entire time I was there (the city girl in me was thinking I shouldn’t have worn these shoes! They are going to get ruined!) First thing before I even got into the building, there was an Airmiles tent. And if you are a member (I am), then you got a free gift! A pair of socks! SNOWMAN SOCKS. That made the trip worthwhile right there.

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Then all the animals. The cows you guys! THE COWS! So freaking cute! My dad is in dairy so we are a cow family. I got to see SO. MANY. COWS! Didn’t get to pet one. Almost was able to pet a baby bull but some little kids were in front of me at the cage and I let them pet him first cos I’m nice or whatever and then he decided to sit up and I couldn’t reach him anymore… ppffftttt

Image may contain: outdoor

lay back down! I wants to pet you!

Then there was a petting area! I got to pet goats and sheeps and llamas and there was a donkey but he was just standing motionless in the middle. A few cows there but they were all laying down and out of arm’s reach. I fed some goats, and got goat kisses all over my hands (ok…ok…they were licking the food taste off but it still counts!) Then saw some chickens and piggies.

Image may contain: dog


Image may contain: food

look at the swag of this sheep. he knows it. 


I was walking around the vendors when I pass this one and I hear a “can I clean your boots for ya miss?” I turn and say “oh its ok thanks” but then this super sexy cowboy with a Stetson on and his shirt half unbuttoned and tattoos on his arms is standing in front of me saying it’s free and it will only take a second and won’t hurt my suede boots. I look down, and after walking through the cow enclosure, my boots were really dusty, so why would I deprive this young gentleman of showing me how awesome this product was?


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He brushes off the dust and starts to massage this cream stuff into my boots, making conversation about how dusty they were and how I must have been in a barn. And of course, all I could say was “I couldn’t just walk past the holsteins and then I was sucked in!”


Image may contain: bird

the biggest bun bun I have ever seen


He’s telling me all about how awesome this stuff is, what it will do to my boots and all that and I’m all “yeah…awesome! That’s super great” and then this other lady just walks up and is all “OMG is that suede?!” as she’s looking at my boots – and of course sexy cowboy man starts telling her about all the great things this stuff can do and on what materials and blah blah blah. Ummm excuse me Carol, but get your own sexy cowboy.

Image may contain: horse and outdoor

No, I didn’t get a picture of him. I’ll try better next time. I know I let you all down.

Image may contain: food

Kept walking around, not really finding anything too interesting. Lots of artists were there showing their work – which was amazing. Of course, there were the butter sculptures. There are always butter sculptures.


No automatic alt text available.

Made. From. BUTTER


And then I found the sheep area. Took a walk through it trying not to dust up my boots again. But then if I did, would I have been able to go back and have them cleaned up again? Probably not….I didn’t push it.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Overall, a super great day! If any of you are in Toronto or can get here before Sunday evening, the fair runs all weekend!

Image may contain: outdoor

6 thoughts on “Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

  1. What a great time!! I’m with you though… I actually think Carol was quite rude to butt in… Then again, SHE knew what she was doing… sooo… I will say no more other than “capital B,” 😉 Love the pics!!

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