Online Dating Saga: XII

Alright, ya’lls – I’ve been keeping you on your toes for about 3 weeks now with little hints about this guy, so I think it’s only fair to formally bring him up. Unlike my post from last weekend, questions will be taken at the end of the program. So without further hesitation or teasing:

An introduction to Mr Wonderful. 

After my trip to the aquarium three weeks ago, and my lovely 45-minute romance, I decided that I should open up my online dating profile once again on OKC. It had been two weeks since ending things with Mr Potential, and we had finally moved into a stage of friendship which I hope can continue (like for reals, we might be going to the winter fair together next weekend).

Once I returned from the aquarium, I reactivated my account. That was Sunday night. Monday, I was messaged by that guy with the same name as my brother, a doctor, and Mr Wonderful. By Tuesday morning, I was only talking to Mr Wonderful. And he was, right from the very start, super wonderful.

We had a lot in common, but not so much that it made us boring. We were both looking for the same things in life. Both very open about our past and what we needed moving forward. I heard all about his crazy ex-girlfriends, and man – they sounded insane.

But most of all, I was drawn in by his honesty and kindness. We connected very quickly, and we talked about everything important right up front. I was totally digging this! I had never felt so comfortable with someone before. We talked about my religion and how that places certain restrictions that secular guys sometimes aren’t ok with (what? No sex? Like at all? Gurl, you be tripping! I would never cheat on you but I shouldn’t have to beg for it), and most importantly we talked about my hair. Not just in a “hidden in the middle of a line of text, never to be brought up again” type of way, but in an “on the phone, full on conversation with words and voices and full sentences and actually using the word wig” type of way. I literally had never done that with a guy before. Ever in my whole life.

We talked about how he suffered a brain hemmoraghe almost 4 years ago and lost his sight, his ability to walk, talk, dream, taste things, etc. And how, aside from a little bit of a balance issue now and needing glasses to focus up one eye – he was basically back to normal.

I usually like to take around a week talking to someone before I even consider meeting them. But we all know that Mr Potential was the first guy from online that I ever met in person. Mr Wonderful was totally different. We instantly started talking on the phone. And I hate talking on the phone! I don’t even call my parents! But we talked for at least an hour and a half to two hours every night. Again – new territory for me. I honestly can’t say what made me change, but I just wanted to be talking to him. All the time.

Our first date was pretty spectacular. We started talking on Monday and met on Friday. He lives out of town but had no problems coming in on the bus to meet me (can’t drive due to his brain injury). I actually saw him going up the subway stairs and kind of hung back a little. He had a little gift bag in his hand and I was instantly thinking “oooo sweet baby Jesus…a gift…he’s crazy.” Like sure, a single Gerber daisy or something like that on a first date/meeting is fine, but a gift?! Too much!

I caught up w h him, and noticed his odd way of walking, but it was fine. We went to this awesome boardgame cafe he had suggested (he’s totally into board games and is actually making one himself) and had the greatest time. I had never been to such a place before so he picked out some games, insisted that it was “on him” and we played and had lunch and stayed for a few hours.

Halfway through, I said something was “bananas” like I normally do in regular conversation which clicked him to pass over this bag. He said my face was half scared and half he’s not sure, but I was wary of the bag. I opened it and inside were, I kid you not, two bananas! OMG, I almost died of laughter right there.

After we had eaten and had our fill of games, he paid and we caught the subway down to harbour front. Now being the well travelled, adventurous person that I am, I had never actually been to the harbour front. So we took a little bit of a walk along the boardwalk and grabbed a bench to just sit and chat – for another three hours. As if it was the most natural thing ever. He asked to hold my hand (adorbs) and then as he took it, he kissed the top of it (omg double adorbs) and then, just as the sun was setting beyond the water, he leaned in for a kiss (guys I almost died – well played sir!)

Once the sun disappeared and it started getting colder (I didn’t even think to bring a coat, cos I’m smart like that), we headed back to the subway, and off to home. We spent the whole week talking nightly on the phone and the following weekend, we went apple picking which I have already detailed out for you.

Now since this post is already getting super long (apologies! #sorrynotsorry) I’m going to stop there. But yes, Paula – as you suggested with Mr Potential and I scoffed, I was falling. And hard. Like, head first into a cement wall after being thrown from a moving car, hard.

Tune in next time for details on this past week.

*You may now ask your questions*

21 thoughts on “Online Dating Saga: XII

  1. Oh goodness, that sounds SO LOVELY!! And I particularly like how honest you’ve been with each other from the very beginning, and how respectful you both seem to be about your differences, and the unique ‘challenges’ you both have physically (not that a wig is really a challenge, but you know, it’s been something you’ve felt uncomfortable about before, and it’s not ‘super common’ is it?) I’m SO looking forward to this continuation… congrats : ) G xO

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    • G – you hit the nail on the head with that! Writing up the continuation right now! Although I probably won’t post it until tomorrow. It will be another long one I’m sure but I want to keep it to only two posts haha.

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