I’m not a big Halloween person. Apparently, this surprises a lot of people. 

I guess that makes sense – I’m bubbly and childish and get excited over shiny things. Why wouldn’t a holiday where you get to dress up and be silly appeal to me? I have no idea really. It just doesn’t. I liked it when I got candy (fat girl reasons!) but after I was deemed “too old” to get candy, and when I had given up trying to be creative with my costumes, I got over Halloween very quickly.

The last time I dressed up, I think I was in grade 9 or 10. I literally put on a pair of pyjama’s, put my hair in pigtails, drew a few eyeliner freckles on my face, bought a soother from the dollar store and stuck it in my mouth. Insta-baby. Easy peasy.

And I really haven’t dressed up since! In university I did have a few costume parties I went to with my friends. But those were easy as well – butterfly wings and a flowy shirt type deal. While working in places that allowed us to dress us, I would again just throw on some wings and call it a day. I wasn’t super into it.

But not this year. Oh no, my friends!! Last week, I bought a headband with pumpkins on it. I was like “oo there we go, all done!” I thought I would wear it to work and it would be just enough of a Halloween effort to count for my kidlets.

It wasn’t.

I showed them a picture early one Saturday morning and 2nd was all “WHAT?! That’s it?!” Apparently, I was committing a cardinal sin.

Later that day, as I was sitting in my room, actually doing some cuticle care on my nails, talking on the phone (yes I know – the phone, Sandra it’s true! I voluntarily talked on the phone…I don’t understand it!) I heard a little knock on my door. I opened it and there stood 2nd and 4th. “We want to show you something!”

I took my phone conversation with me. And 2nd runs out to the van. The mom is there, and I jokingly ask if it’s another puppy. She laughs but I can tell it’s not an animal so that’s all good. At this point, 4th is giggling her evil giggle and the person on the phone is probably all “omg what is happening over there?!”

2nd finally comes inside and I see a little bit of a costume behind her. I thought it was part of her costume, but then the mom gave her phone to 1st and said to record this. I was getting nervous! I was told not to peak, and was I ready?! Of course not! What is this sorcery?!

Then….omg guys….THEN 2nd swings this thing around and it’s a HIPPO ONESIE! Sweet baby Jesus! I put my phone down, which still had the other person on the other end, listening to me having an emotional breakdown, and I squealed like a little kid at Christmas. I was experiencing life at a few thousand “omg omg omg” per minute. I literally almost started to cry! Actually, no that’s a lie. I DID start to cry. There were tears in my eyes from happiness. Like I teared up…I didn’t cry. Ya feel me? At one point I remember putting the phone on the table and muting it. It was all too much.

So they said to put it on and I was just so overwhelmed at that moment. I honestly didn’t think it would fit! It was just from Ardenes, which isn’t always the most “fat girl friendly” with their sizing and it was only a large. I was all “eeeeep I don’t know if it will fit!” I put it on right there in the kitchen, over my clothes and it FIT! It came with a removable tutu which, again, looked super small but it fit too!! OMG, I don’t think I have ever been so happy. Like legit – never.

So tonight, for the first time in about 15 years, I will be going trick-or-treating. I will be walking around with my kidlets, in my hippo onesie. I have been told not to expect candy, but then 1st said her dad gets candy when he goes so maybe I should?! I don’t even know!! I’m excited.


Look at me slay in that onesie! ❤

Happy Halloween peeps!

18 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. OMG OMG you look simply adorable!!
    I love Halloween and I am going to miss it when I go home to Australia!!
    Have fun tonight, go easy on the Candy because you are sure to get loads!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe thanks!! I love it so much! It’s been hanging in my closet for over a week just waiting for tonight.

      I’m not sure if they give adults candy? Like I think I should at least try! I did tell 4th that I’m just going to take some of hers haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My first reaction was to type OMG, but then I noticed that everyone else also types OMG…so this is definitely an “OMG” moment!

    I am so happy for you. This is just another little thing that shows that your kidlets and your family really appreciate you. You are already slaying in that costume! 😀

    I LOVE that it even has a crown and a tutu. You’re from fantasia!

    Liked by 1 person

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