Apples, Apples, Apples!

Apparently, I am adorable and cute, so I went apple picking yesterday. 

I’m going to say right up front, this was a date. I was told I could plan whatever I wanted. He loves apples, I love taking pictures. That’s all the details you get. Follow-up questions will be ignored.

I had a lot of obligations this weekend, and almost all of them were out of Toronto so I needed to rent a car. I held onto it for Sunday so that I could go apple picking. I’m not sure if I have ever gone apple picking, but since I am slowly morphing to the most basic of basic white chicks, I figured a trip to the apple orchard needed to happen.

I researched and emailed, and almost all the orchards surrounding Toronto had closed their “pick your own” for the season. Except for Pingle’s Farm Market. Even last weekend they said there would be apples to pick. I made sure to call Saturday afternoon to triple check, and YES, they were still doing pick your own.

Of course, being the half country-girl that I am, I instantly fell in love with the farmhouse. It was perfection.


We made our way back toward the orchard and talked to the lady in a little red shed before going in. It was $30 for a 20lb bag. At first, I saw the bag and was like “um…so this is kind of bananas. Small bag, $30 from my wallet. Kinda not worth it!” But ya know what? When we were leaving, I literally had to carry that bag on my hip like a toddler. Or using both arms out front. It was HEAVY! And we stuffed a lot of apples in it. The nice lady in the red shed said that as long as she could see the handles “kind of making an attempt” to close over the apples, she was going to be ok. Can you believe that some people will like stuff their coats and bags full of apples? Take their paid for bag to their car, dump it out and then go back and try to pick a second time? Who is raising these horrible dishonest humans?

We stayed in the Ambrosia section, being his favourite type of apples (I’m not really an apple person so the apples were all for him. I did eat one while we were picking. It was very sweet and juicy). And it was actually pretty awesome! The apples looked amazing and offered a great new challenge for my photography skills, especially once you add in the slippery grass and muddy pathways because it had rained the whole day before.

At the end of the one row, there was a field to the back and some great landscape. Of course, I managed a stop to get out my camera once more. Trying to get some close-ups of some pumpkins on the ground made me fall. On my butt. In the mud. On a date. *facepalm* Thankfully I’m not fully valley-girl yet and was able to brush it off and keep on keeping on. A little dirt never hurt anyone. I did, however, bring a change of shoes. Pink sneakers for the day, rainboots for the orchard. So I was labelled a girly girl. 

After we had filled the bag, we dropped it off in the car, and the farm had a food tent which had a super delicious sausage which we got for lunch. Alongside a very warm cup of apple cider which helped to bring the feeling back into my extremities.

So now I can say that I have gone apple picking! And have the pictures to prove it. I guess it goes to show how much of a good time it was because I literally have zero pictures on my phone, which means there will be no Instagram posts about it. So did it really happen? I’m not even sure.

23 thoughts on “Apples, Apples, Apples!

    • I have zero pictures on my phone lol I guess I could download them onto my phone and then upload them to instagram? Lol I don’t think its possible to upload from your computer? I’ll have to look into it. It was soooo nice there! Very beautiful

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  1. I know you said you are not going to answer any questions but I have a burning desire to ask just one…indulge me if you will, its okay if you don’t
    If the apples were for him how come the $30 came out of your wallet?
    He needs to make it up on the 2nd date and take you somewhere amazing I think!!!

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