Paint Chip Poems

Did you get to writing? 

So here is where all the chips come out! Yesterday I posted two paint chip cards which had some really neat names for the paint colours. Your challenge was to write a poem using those words – it could have been free verse or more structured, you could have written a story even if that tickles your fancy. Mine are mostly all free verse. Some make no sense what so ever. I wrote most of the upcoming poems while in the library with 1st.

I hope you enjoy them! I’m not sure how good they are but I promised I would post them so I am posting them! I don’t let my Giggling Followers down – oh no! If you want to join in, link to this post, or the post from yesterday, or just post in the comments. As always, you can email me at – I love getting emails from you guys! Or just head over to my contact page at the top there and send it that way if you want to.

Yesterday’s colours were:

Haven, melancholy mint, twinkly green AND wisteria tree, pixie plum, sugar plumbed

Today’s poems are:

Your arms are like a haven, keeping me safe from the overshadowing melancholy. Mint tea pushes it back, the warmth settling around my heart. Further, still, the darkness goes, as I peer into your twinkly green eyes.

Laying under the blossoms of the wisteria tree, each one like a tiny pixie plum, intoxicating sugar, plumbed the depths of all emotion.

And that’s it, you guys!! Five weeks of writing based on paint chips is over! I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. Even if you didn’t share your writings, I hope you still participated in your own little way and had some fun!

Check back tomorrow for a list of poems by other bloggers who decided to do this with me. So far I only have two additional poems but it’s not too late to participate. Here are links to the previous colours if you want to try your hand at it. Make sure to ping back the original post so I can share your writings!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

This was a great way to add a little extra something to my blog on the weekends instead of nail art posts. I’ll still be taking a little bit of a break with the nails. Keep an eye out in December for the next gel design!

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