Body Waxing – 2nd pain instalment

I must be a sucker for pain, you guys. 

Okies, so back in August, I did the best thing I have done for myself in the longest time. I took the leap and started to get my shoulders waxed. You can read about that experience here.

Today marked my 3rd time going back, and honestly, it’s amazing. The hair is growing in super light and really soft and fine. I’m amazed at how well it’s been working.

Now I know that the title says 2nd pain instalment, but this is my 3rd time going back. It’s because today, I decided to try my face as well.

We should know by now that I struggle with these PCOS symptoms which really aren’t from PCOS just my DNA saying “haha here have some suckiness ok?”, and for the most part, I’m ok with it. But I seriously, seriously hate the hair on my face. I know a lot of women have it and I’m not alone in this struggle, but gah! I literally shave it every. single. day. And my skin is so sensitive. And I hate it. Did I mention that I hate it?!

So when I was talking to the lady last time, she said to let my face grow out for 2-3 days before coming in and she would see what she could do. I had a full blown panic! How on earth was I going to do that?! HOW! I would have to go out and work and all that while having hair growth on my face.

But I did it. I left it alone for 48 hours. Just like she told me to. And was glad my appointment was today. I have plans this weekend and it would be nice to have it all smooth and not have to worry about it.

So I went in, but I have a new lady this time. She is all sweet and starts violently ripping hairs out of my face. It hurts a lot more than my shoulders (obviously) and she’s showing me how much is coming out. I’m excited! YES! No more daily routine for this lameness.

Once she’s done, she’s all “I’m just going to tweeze the little hairs” and sweet baby Jesus, fudge muffin! That hurt like a sugar cookie! SO FREAKING MUCH.

She can see I’m tearing up, and it feels like she’s doing a lot. So she says to just tweeze the rest when I get home and to come back in a week. That tweezing will weaken the root just like waxing and that shaving won’t do that (yeah I know that thanks). Then she goes to do my regular shoulder bit. Thankfully, she doesn’t charge me for the face since it was just a trial, and I book my appointment for Friday, pay and leave.

I get my errands done and arrive home, my face still feels red and hot, so I look in the mirror to see how much I have to tweeze and it looks like she did NOTHING. All that pain for NOTHING! Like other than my face now resembling a tomato, there was no change. I know that hair left my face because I felt it and saw it, but man. So upset right now! There is no possible way that I would be able to tweeze “all the remaining” hairs. No way. That would take me the whole week.

So I’m thinking that I will be cancelling my appointment for next Friday. I know that I will have to have long hairs for it to work, but there is no way that I’m having a totally full weekend of seeing people and then lasting the whole week like this. GAH being a girl sucks sometimes! And then it just makes me more angry at those youtube videos of girls who voluntarily shave their face to be able to apply makeup better? Like sweetie, you do it once, you will have to do it for the rest of your days. Kind of a little angry right now…mostly because I went through all that pain for nothing and now I have to use the dreaded phone to cancel that appointment. GGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

16 thoughts on “Body Waxing – 2nd pain instalment

  1. Is it not possible to look into laser removal for your face? I know it’s a little more expensive but it lasts longer…and you end up pretty much hair free after your course of sessions x

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  2. I was going to suggest laser removal too; one of my girlfriends did it and loved it! Maybe do a little more research because she’s pretty fair skinned and blonde! I’m sorry you had to go through all that, and then not get the results you were hoping for– that must be so frustrating!

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  3. Urgh you poor thing!

    I tweeze out the hair on my eyebrows. I find that some days it’s really easy and other days omfg it hurts so much! I wonder if it’d hurt less at a different time of the month. I know that your period can make you more susceptible to pain, but I can’t remember when the less ouchy time is…

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  4. I don’t really ‘Like’ this post, but had no other option button : (
    Sorry it was all for nothing! : (
    I would DEF look into laser removal; you can’t tell me that no blondes with fair skin can’t get it??


  5. I wonder if you schedule weekly for a month, waiting the 48 hours before each time how significant that would be. Kind of clearing up the new growth, even though there is plenty left? Or if you leave it an extra day to try to ensure there’s maximum hair for the wax to grab… sorry hun. Much love. My hair is blonde so it’s reflective. Because i only get the occasional stray weird hair, people think I have tinsel, sparkles, or glitter…. so I have considered waxing just to stop that weird moment when they realize they commented on nearly nonexistent hair


  6. So in some weird sisterhood solidarity move, or basically you reminded me of some need to take care of myself, I had some waxing this weekend as well. Aichi wowwa. I forgot, probably for psychological self preservation. But sometimes that baby soft feeling is worth it. I say don’t cancel the appt. give it some tries. What if it gets so fine and light you only have to go every week and don’t really have to shave soon? Good thoughts!

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