Online Dating Saga Part XI

After giving myself a nice little cooling off period from dating Mr Potential, I decided a week ago to turn on my online dating profile once more. 

Of course, I didn’t expect anything positive to happen as quickly as with Mr Potential. If we flash back to late April when I started my very first profile, it took a little while to find someone I wanted to talk to exclusively. With Mr Potential, I think we started talking after my profile being open for two days or something. We clicked right away and I deactivated my account after a few more days because I had no interest in talking to anyone else.

This time, I opened it again after my trip to the aquarium last week. I was ready to meet a Mr Wonderful.

The next morning, I had a message from this one guy. He was gorgeous! A little bit older than I would normally like to date, but gorgeous. Don’t worry – his profile was full of great things too. The gorgeous part was just a bonus. We exchanged a small handful of messages, maybe over 10-minutes and then we exchanged names. I told him mine first and then he told me his…..which is the exact same as my brothers….and right away I was all “I know this is going to sound horrible, but I can’t. You have the same name as my brother and that is really weird for me.”

That’s weird right?!?! A lot of people tell me it’s not. But it creeps the creeps right out of me. 

But this guy would NOT give up.

At first, I was intrigued and then he said he doesn’t know if I’m just used to getting my own way or whatever. Um yeah, that sounds horrible. We even talked on the phone. I was intrigued. He wanted to change my mind.

Although, while talking he called me spoiled and privileged. “I’m not saying this is you but…”

Um dude when you say that it means you’re saying it’s me…

He thought my brother would agree with him that the name thing wasn’t weird. He was right – le brother didn’t really think it was that weird because he has a super common name. I literally know at least 7 people with the same name right now. But it still weirded me out.

So the next morning I told him, sorry no deal. Then he called me stubborn! Which I totally am but that’s a great way to get me to stop talking to you. He’s all “I don’t want us not to talk” I sent him a very final “I’m sorry but no.” and he’s like “can I ask you why? you said you’d give me a chance!”

OMG! Now, this guy is just getting on my nerves and like dude, go talk to someone else.

The nice Canadian has left.

So I said: I have literally told you a hundred times why. I never said I would give you a chance. I was straightforward from the start that it was weird. We talked on the phone and it was still weird. Let it go man.”

Gah. Thankfully I haven’t heard from him since.

But silver lining: the same day he sent me a message, so did someone else. Who I haven’t stopped talking to since, and he is pretty wonderful. I was online for a grand total of three days before I deleted the app from my phone and started to ignore emails of likes and messages. 

18 thoughts on “Online Dating Saga Part XI

  1. I dated a guy with the same name as my brother… I didn’t find it all that weird, but then again, I was 13… I don’t think I could date a guy with the same name as an ex though. Now that would be strange.

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    • That’s exactly that my brother said!! haha the same name as an ex. I don’t know why I find it so weird. After talking to this guy on the phone and after Le Brother told me it wasn’t weird for him if I did, I kind of changed my mind. If this guy hadn’t been kind of a jerk about it then I might have kept talking to him lol

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    • I know! Like I can understand if we had been talking for like a few days or whatever before learning his name but it was within the first 10 minutes. The last guy I was seeing didn’t even put up that much of a fight after ending a 6 week long relationship.

      And thank you! I hope they do too 🙂

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  2. You are stubborn! But you have a right to your opinion. I once dated 2 ‘Craig’s’ in a row, then when i was single again spent half an evening chatting with a nice guy… when he told me his name was Craig, I just said ‘No thanks’ and walked away without explaining! Poor guy. But my prerogative. And the “hahaha” I wrote up there was at Jad’s sassy comment : )

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    • I am stubborn! And I don’t try to hide it -that’s just who I am. Honestly now I don’t think I would have as much as an issue with it, but the way he was handling himself just put me off so much. But kind of glad he did since it meant I lost interest in him and moved on to someone else haha

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  3. Honestly after the last one I met online going crazy (he blew my phone up when I was trying to sleep for work and wouldn’t stop complaining about how much I worked), I legit just gave up. If it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen. I’ll be able to mingle outside of work now so if I meet someone, it happens.

    Internet dating is hit and miss, and the guy needs to take a hint! But then again this is why us women/girls are afraid to say no sometimes because of how it will come back on US being the ones that are the problem and not the completely entitled-thinking men/boys.

    I wish you all the best dear! ❤

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    • I have had rather good luck with internet dating. But to put that in context, I’ve only met two guys from it in my entire life and I am usually very hestitant to give out my number. This guy just intrigued me so much that I had to talk to him lol. And I hate talking on the phone! But the two that I have met have been decent. First Mr Potential (who is a lot better now) and then the guy I met on Friday. Who I really hope it all works out with cos he’s kind of fantastic lol

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    • Lol a 4th time since the end of April actually!! I dont like ignoring messages and when Ive found someone I want to talk to, I deactivate it. So I deactivated it with the first *him* before he freaked put over my hair, then about a month later I deleted it totally becasue of the scammer and me needing a break. Then I got it in August and found Mr Potential so I deactivated it while we were dating and opened it again on the 15th. But now its deactivated again haha. I hate talking to more than just one at a time and with this new guy Im hoping its a permanent thing 😀

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